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This is an archived copy of the 2012-13 Catalog. To access the most recent version of the bulletin, please visit .

The College of Health & Education

Cheryl Adams 1998
B.S. Florida International University
M.H.S. University of Indianapolis
"Dr of Science - Physical Therapy - University of Maryland, Baltimore"
Chrystal Adams 2010
B.S.N. Husson
M.S.N. Husson University
Travis Allen 2011
B.S. University of Maine Presque Isle
M.Ed. Univesity of Maine
working on doctoral dissertation at University of Maine
Elizabeth-Ellen Clark 2006
B.S.N. Northeastern University
"M.S.N., M.Ed. University of Southern Maine"
Ph. D. University of Maine
Cynthia Connelley 2007
B..S Springfield College
M.S. University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Ed.D. Tennessee State University
Mikal Crawford 2009
BS Western Virginia University
M.S. Frostburg State College
Ed. D. University of Maine
Kimberly Davis 2003
B.S. University of New England
M.S.O.T. University of New Hampshire
O.T.D. Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
Carolyn Dorfman 2012
B.A. University of Colorado
M.S. Colorado State University
Ph.D. Capella University
Deborah Drew 2007
B.S. undergraduate degree in history University of Maine
University of Maine master's degree M. Ed. Counselor Education
University of Maine doctoral degree Ed. D. Counselor Education
Laurie Eddy 2006
B.S.N. University of Maine
M.S.N. University of Maine
Elisa Giaquinto 2011
B.S.N. Brenau College
"M.S.N. Georgia State University, M.A. Brown University"
Cathleen Goebel
B.S.N. University of Connecticut
M.S.N. Rush University
Suzanne Gordon 1995
"B.S. University of Missouri, Columbia"
M.A. University of North Carolina
Ed.D. University of Maine
Nancy Grover 1985
B.S.N. Hunter College
M.S.N. Yale University
Post Master's Certificate - Husson College
Valerie Herbert 2006
B.S.N. Troy State
M.S.N. St. Joseph's College
Christine Hubbard 2006
B.S. Tufts University
M.A. Tufts University
O.T.D. Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
Mary Jude 2011
B.S. University of the State of New York Regents College
"MSN University of Maine, MPH Loma Linda University/ FNP-C, PA University of North Dakota"
Kelly Mead 2008
B.S. University of Maine
M.Ed. University of Maine
Barbara Moody 2011
B.S. St. Michael's College
"M.Ed. University of Alaska, Anchorage"
Ph.D. student at University of Maine
Karen Morren 2000
B.S. Biology Albright College
M.P.T. - Hahnemann University
D.P.T. Simmons College
Laurie Mouradian 2010
B.S. Tuft's University
Sc.D. Boston University
Moira O'Neil 2012
"B.S.N. University of the District of Columbia, BA Castleton State College"
M.S.N. Yale University
Ph.D. Yale University
Margaret Olson 2010
B.S. Marquette University
M.Ed. University of Maine
Ph.D. student at University of Maine
Jeanne-Ann Ouellette 2011
B.S.N. University of Maine
M.S.N. University of Maine
Cynthia Peterson 2001
B.S. Husson University
M.S. Arizona State University
Arthur Schwarcz 1999
B.S. York University
M.A. Indiana State University
Ph.D. University of Iowa
Wayne Scott 2009
B.A. University of Delaware
M.P.T. University of Delaware
Doctor of Philosophy University of Delaware
Ben Sidaway 1996
B.Sc. Loughborough University of Technology
M.A. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill & M.S.P.T. Husson College
Ph.D. Penn State University
Sondra Siegel 1998
B.A. University of California at Berkeley & B.S. Washington University
Ph.D. Emory University
Margaret Smith 2010
B.S. Towson University
M.A. University of Maine
O.T.D. Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
Connie Sprague 2001
B.S.N. University of Maine
M.S.N. Boston University
Kimberly Steinbarger 2008
B.S. Daemen College
M.H.S. University of Indianapolis
Alanna Stetson 2011
B.S.N. University of Maine
M.S.N. University of Maine
John Strong 2004
B.S. Brigham Young University
M.S.P.T. Des Moines University
Ph.D. Brigham Young University
Mary Tedesco-Schneck 2003
B.S. Rutgers College of Nursing
M.S. Seton Hall University
working towards Ed.D. University of Maine
Shelly Tennett 2008
B.S. University of Maine
M.Ed University of Maine
Deborah Whittemore 2006
B.S. University of Bridgeport
M.S. Boston College
Sandip Wilson 2003
B.A. Pomona College
M.Ed. Cambridge College
Ed.D. University of Maine
Jeff Wren 2008
M.Ed. University of Maine
John Yasenchak 2011
M.A. Fordham University
Ed. D. University of Maine Counselor Education