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The School of Science and Humanities

David "Haus, Jr." 2012
B.A. Pennsylvania State University
M.A. Bowling Green State University
Ph.D. Bowling Green State University
Robert Brooks 2009
B.S. University of Idaho
M.S. University of Wisconsin
Doctor of Philosophy Washington State University
Adam Crowley 2008
"B.A. University of Maine, Orono"
"M. A. University of Maine, Orono"
working towards Ph.D. University of New Brunswick
Steven Egland 1987
B.A. Wheaton College
M.S. University of North Dakota
Stephanie Gross 2044
B.A. University of Oklahoma
M.A. University of Oklahoma
Ph.D. University of Oklahoma
Clifton Guthrie 2007
B.S. Duke University
M.Div. with Honors from Candler School of Theology from Emory University
Ph.D. Emory University
Irene Haskins 2007
B.S. Eastern New Mexico University
M.S. University of Colorado
Christopher Howard 2010
B.S. Georgia Southwestern State University
M.S. Augusta State University
Ph.D. Auburn University
Francis Hubbard 2006
B.A. Amherst College
M.A. University of California at Berkeley
Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley
Nicholas Jenkins 2010
B.F.A. San Francisco Art Institute
M.A. St. John's College
Kenneth Johnson 2007
B.S. Ferrum College in Virginia
M.S. University of Maine
Heidar Kashkooli 2000
B.S. University of Maine
M.S. University of Maine
Ph.D. University of Maine
Paul Kinlaw 2010
B.S. Brown University
M.A. Dartmouth College
Ph.D. Dartmouth College
Sharon Kobritz 2007
Bachelor's Degree in Management from Boston University
M.A. University of Maine
Kenneth Lane 1999
B.S. University of Maine
M.S. Idaho State University
D.A. Idaho State University
Jennifer Long 2007
B.S. University of California at Davis
M.S. Southeastern Louisiana University
Ph.D. University of Maine
Lisa Mazzarelli 2007
B.S. Metropolitan State College of Denver
M.S. Western Carolina University
Jonathan Moyer 2009
B.S. University of Maine
"M.S. University of Maine, Orono"
Erin Owen 2008
B.S. Wellesley College
"Master's degree Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, California"
Ph.D. University of Maine.
Matthew Pifer 2006
B.A. Alma College
Master's degree University of Oklahoma
Ph.D. University of Oklahoma
Marielle Postava-Davignon 2012
B.S. State University of New York College at Fredonia
Ph.D. Northeastern University
David Prescott 2011
B.A. Bowdoin College
M.A. University of Nebraska
Ph.D. University of Nebraska
Crystal Sands 2009
B.A. Texas Women's University
M.A. Texas Women's University
Ph.D. Texas Women's University
Christine Selby 2007
B.A. Carthage College
M.S. Springfield College
Ph.D. University of North Texas
Marek Sitarski 2000
B.S. University of Lodz
M.S. University of Lodz
Ph.D. Polish Academy of Sciences
Rachelle Smith 2009
B.A. University of Maine
Ph.D. University of Maine
Clinton Spaulding 2010
B.A. University of Maine
M.A. University of Maine
Thomas Stone 2009
B.S. United States Navel Academy
M.S. University of Wisconsin
Ph.D. University of Maine
Gail Tudor 2005
B.A. University of Minnesota
M.S. University of Minnesota
Ph.D. University of North Carolina
Julia Upton 2010
B.A. University of Alabama
M.A. University of Alabama
Ph.D. University of Alabama
Tricia Vankirk 2008
B.S. Zoology - UMO
M.S. University of Maine
Enrolled Ph.D. University of Maine
Terry Voorhees 2008
B.A. Antioch University
M.A. Ohio University
Ed.D. University of Cincinnati
Gregory Winston 2001
B.A. Colgate University
M.A. University of Delaware
Ph.D. University of Delaware
Donald Withers 2008
B.S. Syracuse University
Ph.D. University of California Berkeley