B.S. Business Administration - Healthcare Management

In the B.S. Business Administration - Healthcare Management concentration degree students explore the organizational structure of healthcare institutions and develop an understanding of the inter-relatedness of psychological, social, cultural and political factors in healthcare delivery, organizational culture and healthcare management. Students also develop an understanding of financial reimbursement, human resources, and law.  Many of the healthcare related classes are listed below and additional specialized topics classes are offered to fulfill the Healthcare electives.

In addition to the program objectives of the B.S. Business Administration degree, this concentration requires students to demonstrate an understanding of current healthcare financing, important healthcare management concepts, and national healthcare policy issues.

Concentration in Healthcare Management
HS 101Introduction to Health Care Studies Replaces Open Elective3
HS 121Medical Terminology Replaces Open Elective3
HS 311Healthcare Management and Organization Replaces Open Elective3
HS 321Healthcare Law and Ethics Replaces Business-Related Elective3
HS 411Health Economics and Policy Replaces Business-Related Elective3
Healthcare Elective Replaces Two Business-Related Electives6
Total Hours21