B.S. Business Administration - Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

Students in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management concentration study the essential concepts of starting and operating small businesses through a series of eight classes. Topics covered include: environment and management of small business enterprise, problems in starting small businesses, principles of accounting, financial and administrative control, and management of business operations.

Students will also learn the practical application of classic and contemporary business theory as it applies to the early stages of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, opportunity recognition, innovation, and new venture development. Topics include: types of entrepreneurs, opportunity recognition, marketing, cash and other resource requirements, financial statements, planning, franchising, intellectual property, success/failure/resilience, and growth. 

In addition to the program objectives of the B.S. Business Administration degree, this concentration requires students to demonstrate subject matter knowledge and competence as applied to a smaller company or family owned business.

Concentration in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
AC 122Principles of Accounting II Replaces Open Elective3
BA 243The Business of Innovation Replaces Open Elective3
BA 344Personal Financial Planning Replaces Business-Related Elective3
BA 422Sales and Sales Management Replaces Business-Related Elective3
BA 440Small Business Management I Replaces Open Elective3
BA 441Entrepreneurship I- New Venture Development Replaces Business-Related Elective3
BA 442Applied Small Business Management Replaces Business-Related Elective3
BA 443Entrepreneurship II: Business Plans Replaces Open Elective3
Total Hours24