B.S. Legal Studies - Pre-Law

The Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies with a Pre-Law Concentration requires a minimum of 120 semester hours including Husson University's General Education requirements as well as Legal Studies, Business, and related courses.  It is designed to provide students with skills for success in the legal field and specific preparation for the rigors of the law school curriculum.  While the American Bar Association does not recommend any particular majors or courses for undergraduate education prior to law school, it does set forth Core Skills and Values for a Pre-Law education. Students in the Legal Studies program earning a Pre-Law Concentration will have completed a curriculum which has the American Bar Association Core Skills and Values as its foundation. 

The B.S. Legal Studies program with a Pre-Law Concentration requires students to:

  • Demonstrate excellent or outstanding understanding of the key concepts of the Legal Profession by: 
    • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Organizational Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Legal Research Skills
    • Legal Writing Skills
    • Interviewing and Investigation Skills
    • Law Office Management Skills
    • Demonstrating professionalism
    • Using legal terminology correctly
    • Working effectively with the courts
    • Becoming proficient with computer technology, software and database
  • Demonstrate excellent or outstanding ability to apply ethical decision-making skills and integrity in an ever changing global environment.
  • Demonstrate excellent or outstanding ability to produce and present effective oral and written forms of communication.
General Education Courses
BA 201Business Law I3
BA 202Business Law II3
EH 200Approaches to Literature3
EH 123Rhetoric and Composition I *3
EH 124Rhetoric and Composition II *3
HE 111The Husson Experience ***1
MS 131Logic and Problem Solving3
MS 141Contemporary College Algebra4
PY 111General Psychology3
Ethics Elective3
Fine Arts Elective3
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective3
Global Elective3
Open Elective12
Lab Science Elective3-4
Professional Courses
CJ 225Criminal Procedure3
PL 100Intro to Legal Studies *3
PL 200Criminal Law3
PL 201Real Estate Law3
PL 203Civil Litigation *3
PL 204Introduction to Wills, Estates, and Trusts *3
PL 205Legal Research and Writing *3
PL 301Torts3
PL 302Family Law3
PL 303Alternative Dispute Resolution3
PL 304Alternative Dispute Resolution II3
PL 309Constitutional Law3
PL 400Evidence3
PL 403Advanced Legal Writing3
PL 404Civil Litigation II3
PL 405Workers Compensation3
PL 407Legal Studies Capstone *3
PL 498Paralegal Internship *3
AC/BA/CJ/PL Elective (2)6
CJ/PL Elective3
CJ/HY/PL Elective3
CJ/PL/PY Elective3
Total Hours122-123

Suggested Course Sequence 

First Year
BA 2013EH 124*3
EH 123*3MS 1313
HE 111***1PL 2003
MS 1414PL 2013
PL 100*3PY 1113
PL 204*3 
 17 15
Second Year
EH 200*3BA 2023
PL 203*3CJ 2253
PL 205*3PL 3023
AC/BA/CJ/PL Elective 3CJ/PL Elective3
CJ/HY/PL Elective3Ethics Elective3
 15 15
Third Year
PL 3033PL 4033
PL 3093PL 4073
Fine Arts Elective3PL 4983
Foreign Cult. & Conv. Elect.3AC/BA/CJ/PL Elective3
Global Elective3Lab Science Elective3-4
 15 15-16
Fourth Year
PL 4003PL 3043
PL 3013PL 4043
CJ/PL/PY Elective3PL 4053
Open Elective3Open Elective3
Open Elective3Open Elective3
 15 15
Total Hours: 122-123