The B.S. in IT - Software Development degree is designed to provide students with the skills needed to develop, create, and modify enterprise software or specialized utility programs.  The Software Development concentration prepares students to identify issues and problems, collect and analyze data, and summarize and present findings. 

The Software Development concentration prepares students to develop a wide array of computer software including enterprise applications (apps), mobile apps, web apps, games, and software to integrate systems.  IT - Software Development, students will be expected to solve business problems using critical thinking skills, demonstrate effective business and technology communicators,  demonstrate technically proficient / knowledgeable and be able to effectively develop software solution, and obtain a basic business understanding and a strong ethical awareness.

General Education
BA 302Business Ethics3
CM 100Speech3
EH 105College Writing3
HE 111The Husson Experience ***1
MS 132Probability and Statistics3
Fine Arts Elective3
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective 3
Historical Elective 3
Lab Science Elective3-4
Literature Elective 3
Math I Elective4
Perspectives Elective 3
Philosophical Elective 3
Psychological/Sociological Elective3
Sustainability Elective or Open Elective3
Integrated Technology Core
BA 101Introduction to Business3
CM 200Interpersonal Communication3
or CM 221 Professional Communications
IT 261Introduction to Computer Programming I3
IT 305Workflow Management 3
IT 351Information Technology Internship3
IT 431Theory and Practice in IT Security 3
IT 471Current Trends in IT 3
IT 481Project Management Techniques 3
IT 482Information Technology Project Development 3
MK 220Marketing Fundamentals3
AC/BA/MC Elective3
AC/BA/MC Electives (200+)6
IT Elective3
Open Electives9
Software Development Concentration
IT 262Introduction to Computer Programming II3
IT 321Systems Analysis & Design3
IT 325 Algorithms and Data Structures I3
IT 326Algorithms and Data Structures II3
IT 410Database Design3
MS 131Logic and Problem Solving3
IT Electives (300+)6
Choose one of the following:3-4
Discrete Mathematics
Precalculus with Trigonometry
Calculus with Applications
Total Hours122-124
CM 1003BA 1013
EH 1053IT 2623
HE 111***1MS 1323
IT 2613Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective 3
Math I Elective4Philosophical Elective 3
Psychological/Sociological Elective3 
 17 15
IT 3253BA 3023
MK 2203CM 200 or 2213
MS 1313IT 3263
AC/BA/MC Elective3MS 180 (or MS 181 or MS 251)3-4
Literature Elective 3Fine Arts Elective3
 15 15-16
IT 3053IT 3513
IT 3213IT 4103
IT 4713Historical Elective 3
Lab Science Elective3-4Perspectives Elective 3
Sustainability Elective or Open Elective3Open Elective3
 15-16 15
IT 4813IT 4313
AC/BA/MC Elective (200+)3IT 4823
IT Elective3AC/BA/MC Elective (200+)3
IT Elective (300+)3IT Elective (300+)3
Open Elective3Open Elective3
 15 15
Total Hours: 122-124

 May not be required for degree completion.