MS in Nursing - Educational Leadership

The MSN-Educational Leadership is a 37-credit hour track in the Graduate Program.  The graduate will complete a Graduate Project with a blended focus in leadership and education. Graduates from the Educational Leadership track will be qualified to pursue advanced practice in nursing education and/or leadership in a variety of hospital, community-based, and health care settings. The track is offered 100% online with no on-site requirements.  A variety of innovative teaching/learning strategies will be utlized to deliver the curriculum. 

Graduates who meet work experience and continuing education requirements are prepared for optional national certifications through American Nursing Credentialing Commission, National League for Nursing, American Organization of Nurse Executives or American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

NU 700Theories and Roles for Advanced Nursing Practice3
NU 708Socio-Cultural Perception of Addiction and Population Health3
NU 710Evidence Based Research3
NU 711Patho/Pharm/Physical Assessment of Advanced Practice3
NU 740Public Health Policy Issues and Challenges3
NU 821Strategy & Analysis of Organizational Process3
NU 830Theories and Strategies of Teaching and Learning 3
NU 832Curriculum Development3
NU 834Assessment and Evaluation 3
NU 836Healthcare Informatics and Technology3
NU 838Internship/Clinical Practicum 2-4
NU 840Graduate Nursing Capstone1-3
Total Hours33-37