M.S. in Occupational Therapy

Once the prerequisites are completed the program should take three years to complete.

Occupational Therapy Classes
HS 301Introduction to Public Health3
HS 411Health Economics and Policy3
OT 320Occupational Analysis3
OT 300Principles of Human Movement & Occupational Performance3
OT 321Theory & Assessment I3
OT 322Professional Foundations of Occupational Therapy3
OT 323Theory & Assessment II4
OT 330Functional Anatomy4
OT 331Neuroscience5
OT 361Professional Integration A: Advocacy and Social Context1
OT 380Integrative Health I: Wellness2
OT 413Children & Youth I3
OT 414Children & Youth II4
OT 440Mental Health I4
OT 441Mental Health II3
OT 449Rehabilitation & Participation I4
OT 450Rehabilitation and Participation II4
OT 452Context and Environment3
OT 460Professional Integration B: Service Delivery and Management1
OT 461Professional Integration C: Professional Responsibilities and Leadership1
OT 470Research & Evidence-based Practice I3
OT 471Research & Evidence-based Practice II3
OT 561Level Two Fieldwork IIA6
OT 562Level Two Fieldwork IIB6
OT 563Clinical Integration: Research and Evidence-based Practice2
OT 570Seminar: Research & Evidence-based Practice III3
OT 580Integrative Health II: Spirituality2
OT 581Upper Extremity: Research and Evidence-Based Practice3
OT 582Neurorehabilitation: Research & Evidence-Based Practice3
OT 583Work & Industry: Research and Evidence-Based Practice3
Select one of the following:3
Graduate Business Electives
Graduate Health Elective
Total Hours98

Suggested Course Sequence

First Year
OT 3003HS 3013 
OT 3223OT 3234 
OT 3304OT 3315 
OT 3203OT 3611 
OT 3213OT 3802 
 16 15
Second Year
HS 4113OT 4713OT 5616
OT 4133OT 4504 
OT 4404OT 4523 
OT 4494OT 4611 
OT 4601OT 4413 
OT 4703OT 4144 
 18 18 6
Third Year
OT 5703OT 5626 
OT 5823OT 5632 
OT 5833  
OT 599 (OR Grad HS Elective, OR Grad Business Elective)3  
OT 5802  
OT 5813  
 17 8
Total Hours: 98