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RN/BSN/MSN - Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

General Education Courses
EH 123Rhetoric and Composition I3
EH 124Rhetoric and Composition II3
EH 200Approaches to Literature3
MI 111Introduction to Microcomputing3
MS 132Probability and Statistics3
MS 141Contemporary College Algebra4
PH 110Introduction to Ethics3
PY 111General Psychology3
PY 141Human Growth and Development3
SC 221
SL 221
Anatomy and Physiology I
and Anat/Physiology Lab I
SC 222
SL 222
Anatomy and Physiology II
and Anatomy/Physiology Lab II
SC 241
SL 241
and Microbiology Lab
SY 201Principles of Sociology3
Communications Elective3
Fine Arts Elective3
Foreing Culture and Conversation Elective3
Nursing Courses
NU 441Role Transition to BSN3
NU 442Health Informatics & Technology3
NU 443Quality Improvement in Healthcare Systems3
NU 444BSN Capstone Practice (with 42 Practicum Hours)3
Nursing Electives6
NU 700Theories and Roles for Advanced Nursing Practice3
NU 702Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics3
NU 704Advanced Health Assessment3
NU 705Advanced Psychopharmocology3
NU 706Advanced Pathophysiology3
NU 707Neurobiology3
NU 710Nursing Research3
IP 730Interprofessional Collaboration in Rural Public Health3
NU 740Public Health Policy Issues and Challenges3
NU 722Advanced Mental Health Assessment Across the Lifespan (168 Clinical Hours)5
NU 810Family Psychiatric Nursing I (210 Clinical Hours)6
NU 812Family Psychiatric Nursing II (210 Clinical Hours)6
NU 814Family Psychiatric Nursing III (210 Clinical Hours)6
NU 842Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Capstone Students may take this course multiple times to gain a total of 3 credits.1-3
Total Hours121-123