The College of Health & Pharmacy

The College of Health and Pharmacy (COHP) supports the mission and vision of the university by offering fully accredited undergraduate and graduate professional programs in the healthcare related fields of Occupational and Physical Therapy, Nursing, and Pharmacy.  Students interested in careers in Nursing can pursue an undergraduate degree or choose from several tracks at the graduate levels.  Occupational and Physical Therapy, and Pharmacy students may qualify for early entry and earn a bachelors degrees on the way to earning their Master of Science in Occupational Therapy or their Doctor of Physical Therapy or Pharmacy.  These programs also have the option for direct entry into the professional programs for those who meet admissions criteria.

COHP Mission

The Husson University College of Health and Pharmacy inspires and prepares students for contemporary, evidence-based, and ethical practice in health professions.

We foster student success by promoting:

  • Professional identity

  • Self-directed learning

  • Critical reflection and scholarship

  • Practice focused on the individuals, families, groups and populations we serve

  • Integration of state-of-the-art technology

  • Cultural competence, social justice, and advocacy for our clients and our professions

COHP Vision

The College of Health and Pharmacy aspires to shape our students into compassionate and effective practitioners, leaders, and scholars who value inter-professional collaboration, lifelong learning, and global engagement.


Our programs are fully accredited or approved by one of the following agencies:

The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

The Accreditation Counsel for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)

The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)

The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE)

The Maine State Board of Nursing

Admissions Criteria

Each of our programs have admissions criteria unique to the discipline.  Refer to your program of interest for detailed information about the qualifications for admissions into the program.  

Cheryl Adams 1998
"BS, Florida International University"
"MHS, University of Indianapolis"
"D.Sc., University of Maryland"
Shuhua Bai 2009
"BS, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University"
"MS, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University "
"Ph.D., Shenyang Pharmaceutical University "
Sarah Bedi 2020
"BNS, Mississippi University for Women"
"BNS-DNP, University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing"
Lorraine Byrnes 2021
"BS, Regents College"
"MS, SUNY Stony Brook"
"Ph.D., Columbia University"
Samuel Caito III 2017
"BS, University of Rochester"
"Ph.D., University of Rochester"
Kimberly Davis 2003
"BS, University of New England"
MSO.T. University of New Hampshire
"OTD, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions"
Annette DeRoche 2018
"BNS, University of Massachusetts"
MSN. St. Joseph College
"DNP, Capella University"
Conrad Dhing 2009
"BS, Northeast Louisiana Universtiy"
"Ph.D., The University of Louisiana at Monroe"
Aaron Domina 2009
"BS, Worcester Polytechnic Institute"
"Ph.D., Dartmouth College"
Patricia Eldershaw 2017
"BNS, University of Maine BA, McMaster University"
"MA, Acadia University"
"Ph.D., Unveristy of Waterloo"
Thomas Frail 2018
"BS, Husson University"
"Pharm.D., Husson University"
Kacie Guerrette 2019
"Pharm.D., Husson University"
Angela Hartsig 2018
"BS, University of Michigan"
"Pharm.D., University of Michigan"
Megan Harvey 2021
"BS, University of Maine"
Katey Howland 2014
"BS, University of New England"
"MS, University of New England"
Chad Howland 2017
"BS, Lyndon State College"
"MS, University of Vermont"
"DPT, University of St. Augustine"
Christine Hubbard 2006
"BS, Tufts University"
"MA, Tufts University"
"OTD, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions"
Karen Huhn 2016
"BS, Northereastern University"
"MS, University of Medicine and Dentistry"
"Ph.D., University of Medicine and Dentistry"
Shannon James 2020
"BS, The University of Kansas"
"Pharm.D., The University of Kansas"
Diane Jenks 2017
"BNS, St. Petersburg College"
"MSN, Western Governors University"
Cavenaugh Kelly 2014
"BS, University of Southern Maine"
"MS, Lewiston Auburn College"
"Ph.D., University of Maine"
Ellen King 2020
"BNS, Oklahoma, Panhandle State University"
"MSN, Austin Peay University"
"DNP, American Sentinel University"
Drew Lambert 2013
"Pharm.D., University of Buffalo"
Stephanie Laprino 2017
"BS, Husson University"
"DPT, Husson University"
William Lindblad 2008
"BS, University of Maine"
"MS, Cleveland State University"
"Ph.D., University of Rhode Island"
Kelly Macauley 2017
"BA, Williams College"
"MGH, Institute of Health Professions"
"Ed.D., University of Phoenix"
Lindsay McAlpine
"BS, Husson University"
"MS, Husson University"
Daniel Mickool 2021
Evan Mooney 2021
"BA, Kent State University"
"MA, MAT, Kent State University"
"Ph.D., Kent State University"
Laurie Mouradian 2010
"BS, Tuft's University"
"MS, Emory University"
"Sc.D., Boston University"
Alicia Murray 2017
"BNS, University of Maine"
"MSN, St. Joseph College"
Emily Mushrall 2020
"BS, Husson University"
"MS, Husson University"
James Nash 2021
"BS, University of Kentucky"
"Pharm.D., Mercer University"
Valerie Sauda 2014
"BA, University of Southern Maine"
"MSN, University of Southern Maine"
"Ph.D., University of Maine"
Amanda Savage 2019
"BS, University of New England and University of Southern Maine"
"M.Ed., University of Maine"
"DNP, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences"
Wayne Scott 2009
"BA, University of Delaware"
"MPT, University of Delaware"
"Ph.D., University of Delaware"
Ben Sidaway 1996
"B.Sc., Loughborough University of Technology"
"MA, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill & MSP.T. Husson College"
"Ph.D., Penn State University"
Sondra Siegel 1998
"BA, University of California at Berkeley & BS, Washington University"
"Ph.D., Emory University"
James Singletary 2015
"BS, University of Florida"
"R.Ph., University of Florida"
Kelsie Snow 2019
"BS, Husson University"
"Pharm.D., Husson University"
Kimberly Steinbarger 2008
"BS, Daemen College "
"MHS, University of Indianapolis"
"DHSc, Drexel University"
Cathy Stucker 2014
"BS, Indiana University"
"D.Sc., Andrews University"
Jill Vaughn 2019
"BS, University of Rhode Island"
"MSN, University of Rhode Island"
Cassandra White 2013
"Pharm.D., Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences"
Tianzhi Yang 2009
"BS, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University"
"MS, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University"
"Ph.D., Peking University"
Tao Zhang 2014
"BS, Zheijiang University"
"Ph.D., University of Michigan"