Event Technician Certificate

This certificate is designed for students who seek instruction applicable to the specific career path called Event Technician.The courses contained in this certificate focus on the Audio, Visual and Entertainment Production skill sets that are required in the live entertainment industry. The certificate will provide students with basic knowledge in relevant industry vocabulary, equipment, theory, and practical application.

*Students currently enrolled in the B.S. in Entertainment Production, Theater Production and Audio/Visual Engineering programs are not eligible for this certificate.

AE 351Audio Electronics3
EP 118Entertainment Safety 3
EP 122Entertainment Design & Technology I 3
EP 131Fundamentals of Stage Lighting3
IT 331Networking3
Total Hours15

Candidates for the Event Technician Certificate must complete at least fifteen (15) semester credit hours with a minimum 2.0 GPA. The Event Technician Certificate is not available for declared Entertainment Production majors.