B.S. Video/Film Production

Students in the Video/Film Production Major achieve learning objectives that range from broadcast operations to video production to digital film-making. Students acquire the knowledge and skills for video and audio acquisition and shooting, editing, directing, lighting, computer network operations, replay, graphics, compositing, animation and switching. They use industry standard software and hardware such that lessons learned in the classroom are transposed to real-world environments and projects that can involve film-making, documentaries, commercial production, TV broadcast, and sports production.  These events provide students with the opportunity to create high-definition content.  Students also learn about the distribution of video content through broadcast, web streaming, film-making, and live venues.

Requirements for Major

Candidates for a Bachelor of Science degree are required to complete a minimum of 120 semester hours maintaining a 2.0 overall cumulative grade point average and a 2.0 overall in their major courses.  Transfer students must complete a minimum of thirty (30) credit hours at Husson University.  At least fifteen (15) credits must be earned in NESCom Major courses.