Master of Science in Pharmacology

The Masters of Science program in Pharmacology being offered by the Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences provides students with laboratory bench skills and in-depth knowledge of the biomedical discipline of Pharmacology and Toxicology. The program admits students who have obtained a baccalaureate degree in chemistry, biology or some other science-based undergraduate degree and are interested in careers in the pharmaceutical industry, biomedical research or furthering their education to obtain an advanced degree, such as the Ph.D. The program is also intended to admit Doctor of Pharmacy students who can obtain this degree concurrent with the Pharm.D. degree. Those students interested in careers in the pharmaceutical industry or in clinical pharmacy departments in which clinical research is conducted would benefit from this companion degree. Although the two degree programs can be taken concurrently, it may require one or two more semesters of research beyond the receipt of the Pharm.D. degree to complete the M.S. degree.

The Masters of Science program in Pharmacology requires the completion of 33 credits of didactic and research studies along with the successful writing and defense of a research-based thesis. It is anticipated that this research would also be published in peer-reviewed publications. 

PS 501Graduate Seminar I1
PS 502Graduate Seminar II1
PS 511Scientific Writing & Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) 1
PS 512Pharmacologic Research Methods3
PS 520Applied Biostatistics & Research Design3
PS 521Graduate Pharmacodynamics I 4
PS 522Graduate Pharmacodynamics II 4
PS 530 Research3
PS 531 Research3
PS 601 Graduate Seminar III1
PS 602 Graduate Seminar IV1
PS 612 Elective2
PS 620Molecular and Cellular Toxicology3
RX 433Principles of Pharmacokinetics3
Total Hours33
First Year
PS 5011PS 5021PS 5203
PS 5111PS 5123PS 5303
PS 5214PS 5224 
 6 8 6
Second Year
PS 6011PS 6021PS 5313
RX 4333PS 6122PS 6203
 4 3 6
Total Hours: 33