The need to develop biological products and processes that improve people’s lives is fueling a demand for biochemists. These individuals study the chemical and physical principles of living things and biological processes such as cell development, growth, heredity, and disease. Biochemists can then apply this knowledge in research and commercial enterprises, typically working in laboratories and offices where they conduct experiments and analyze results. Students who complete this degree will have the foundational knowledge needed to work in chemistry, healthcare, business and environmental science or to move into graduate work in the health professions. Graduate work may include research as well as medical, pharmacy, veterinary or other professional school.  

This program is for students interested in a broad-based biology/chemistry curriculum whose flexible design allows them to customize the major to fit their own interests. At Husson, the biochemistry program includes highly individualized degree plans that increase student understanding of fundamental and advanced biological and chemical processes. Graduates in biochemistry most often explore opportunities with biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies, scientific research institutions, or commercial laboratories. Many also pursue further graduate study in the sciences or healthcare professions. 

Students must earn an overall 2.0 cumulative grade-point average and a “C” or better in every Biology  and Chemistry course. Transfer students must complete a minimum of thirty (30) credit hours at Husson University. At least fifteen (15) credits must be earned in Husson Biology or Chemistry courses.