Features of the Program

The Biology Program is ideal for students interested in biological science or research careers. The program's flexible design allows students to create a customized curriculum tailored to their own interests. The degree includes courses that focus on biology at the molecular, cellular, organismal and population levels. Laboratory courses are provided in modern, well- equipped multi-disciplinary teaching facilities. Field studies involving plants, animals, and marine communities are also included. The BS in Biology degree provides students with a broad background in the biological sciences in order to prepare them for jobs in research, health care, environmental management and conservation, and/or education. The Regular track of the Biology Program prepares students for entry-level positions in biology such as lab technician, research assistant, animal technician, wildlife biologist and environmental educator.

Requirements for Biology Majors

Students must earn an overall 2.0 cumulative grade-point average and a ā€œCā€ or better in every Biology course. Transfer students must complete a minimum of thirty (30) credit hours at Husson University. At least fifteen (15) credits must be earned in Husson Biology courses.