B.S. Data Analytics

DA 449Data Analytics Internship3
DA 489Data Analytics Capstone6
EH 123Rhetoric and Composition I3
EH 124Rhetoric and Composition II3
EH 200Approaches to Literature3
EH 3XX Technical Writing3
HE 111The Husson Experience ***1
MS 181Calculus with Applications4
MS 182Calculus II4
MS 250Introduction to Proof3
PH 110Introduction to Ethics3
PY 111General Psychology3
SC 224Research Design3
or SC 383 Junior Science Seminar
Fine Arts Elective3
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective3
Global Elective3
Lab Science Elective3-4
Open Elective6
BA 101Introduction to Business3
BA 211Microeconomics3
or BA 310 Organization and Management
DA 2XX Foundations of Data3
DA 3XXData Exploration and Vis.3
IT 214Microcomputer Spreadsheet Applications3
IT 261Introduction to Computer Programming I3
IT 262Introduction to Computer Programming II3
IT 410Database Design3
MS 132Probability and Statistics3
MS 230Multivariable Calculus4
MS 241Linear Algebra with Applications3
MS 332Applied Statistics3
MS 345Biostatistics3
MS 3XX Mathematical Modeling3
Domain Electives18
Total Hours121-122
First Year
EH 1233EH 1243
HE 111***1IT 2623
MS 1323MS 1824
MS 1814PH 1103
IT 2613SC 224 or 3833
 14 16
Second Year
EH 2003BA 1013
IT 2143IT 4103
MS 2304MS 2503
MS 3323MS 3453
Lab Science Elective3-4Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective3
 16-17 15
Third Year
DA 2XX Foundations of Data3DA 3XX Data Exploration and Vis.3
MS 2413MS 3XX Mathematical Modeling3
PY 1113EH 3XX Technical Writing3
Domain Elective3Domain Elective3
Open Elective3Global Elective3
 15 15
Fourth Year
Domain Elective3Domain Elective3
DA 4493Domain Elective3
BA 211 or 3103Open Elective3
Fine Arts Elective3DA 4896
Domain Elective3 
 15 15
Total Hours: 121-122

Credit may not be required for degree completion. 


DA 210. Introduction to Data Analytics. 3 Hours.

This course provides an overview of data acquisition, management, preparation, visualization, analysis, and modeling. A data analytics project is part of the course. Prerequisite(s): IT 261.

DA 310. Data Exploration & Visualization. 3 Hours.

Modern visualization techniques involve static and interactive approaches as well as figures the dynamically update. This course will discuss how visual information is perceived, how to create effective visualizations, and what dangers exist with data visualization and how to avoid them. Students will design and create summaries and visualizations to transform data into information in a variety of context and complete a visualization project. Prerequisite(s): DA 210.

DA 449. Data Analytics Internship. 3 Hours.

This course offers experiences in a work and/or research environment collecting, processing, analyzing, and/or interpreting data. Each student chooses and contacts a partner institution (business, research lab, nonprofit, or governmental agency) to serve a total of 100 hours in that setting. Activities will include training/orientation, work on projects relevant to the mission of the institution, observation of institutional work processes, and other assigned work by the site liaison. Students keep daily journals and meet weekly during the semester for training and to share their experiences. Prerequisite(s): Major=BS Data Analytics and ( College Level=Junior or College Level=Senior).

DA 489. Data Analytics Capstone. 6 Hours.

This course serves as the capstone project for data analytics majors in the School of Science & Humanities. The course provides experiential learning relevant to the student’s area of study. During the course, students will meet periodically with their faculty advisor to plan their progress through the project. At the end of the semester, students will present the final results of their research or a summary of their experience in the form of a final oral presentation and a written thesis. Prerequisite(s): Major=BS Data Analytics and ( College Level=Junior or College Level=Senior).