Post-Master's - Counseling

Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS)

This is a post-master's program. Students must have a master's degree (or higher) in counseling or a closely related field to enroll. Students will select a program of 18 credits hours to meet individual needs and goals. If not already documented through master’s degree coursework, students must take CO 700 Orientation to the Profession of Counseling and Human Relations, Advanced Counseling Techniques, Legal, Professional, and Ethical Issues in Counseling, and an Advanced Internship or Capstone. If required courses are already completed and documents in master’s degree, electives may be substituted. Additional courses may be selected from offerings in the MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and MS in School Counseling programs.

Programs may also include, with permission from the advisor and program director, graduate level courses from other graduate programs offered by Husson University (i.e. MBA, MS Criminal Justice, Masters in Public Health Administration).  Students will work with the assigned advisor to design a certificate program that is substantive and focused on career goals.

CO 700Orientation to the Professions of Counseling and Human Relat3
CO 715Advanced Counseling Techniques3
CO 711Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling3
CO 799Topic/3
or CO 868 Capstone Course
Graduate Counseling Electives6
Total Hours18

* More courses may be required to meet the certification or licensing requirements as determined by transcript review.

* If courses were completed in the master's degree program they may be replaced by electives or courses required as determined through transcript review (for School Counselor certification or Clinical Counseling licensure).