Master of Public Health

The Master’s in Public Health is a professional Master’s degree program providing advanced preparation for medical and health service managers, health educators, and community health workers. Public health professionals work with policymakers, health systems, and the public on addressing healthcare access, long-term wellness and health, and prevention. As the United States continues to address the combined problems of healthcare shortages, rising healthcare costs, and an aging population, holders of the Master’s in Public Health will be part of the solution. As healthcare demand increases, there will be an increased demand for people who can manage health services. 

The Master’s in Public Health at Husson requires students to take courses in biostatistics, epidemiology, policy, economics, ethics, management, planning, and behavior change. All students will complete a capstone and an internship experience, and there are electives in the program providing students the opportunity to take more classes in a related area of interest such as analytics or business. The program is offered online, and there is an option for students without background in public health to enter the program.

HS 600Research Methods in Public Health 3
HS 601Biostatistics in Public Health3
HS 602Public Health Program Planning, Management, and Evaluation3
HS 603Public Health & Behavior Change3
HS 604Epidemiology3
HS 606Advanced Healthcare Economics and Policy 3
HS 607Advanced Healthcare Management 3
HS 700Global Health3
HS 701Capstone6
HS 702Internship3
Electives *9
Total Hours42