B.S. Liberal Studies (Individualized Program)

The Program

The fundamental program requirement is that each student must complete an approved curriculum of study having no fewer than 120 credit hours of college-level work that demonstrates a broad base in the traditional liberal arts and a significant concentration of study in two or more distinct academic areas.
Although it should be possible for a student to enter Husson University with an approved IPS, it is recommended that an incoming student enroll in one of Husson’s traditional programs (or elect the Undeclared option) so that various opportunities and options available within the program guidelines may be explored with the help of a knowledgeable faculty advisor. It is expected that the approved program of study be filed with the Dean of the College of Science and Humanities prior to beginning course work as a third year student (>60 Credit Hours). In the event that program approval is sought after beginning the third year’s work, an academic program totaling more than 120 credit hours may be required in order to satisfy all requirements.
Basic Guidelines
It is expected that all approved IPS programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies will incorporate the following features, including:
1. A broad base in traditional liberal arts;
    a. English/Communications –five (5) courses minimum
    b. Humanities – three (3) courses minimum
    c. Social Sciences – three (3) courses minimum
    d Science/Mathematics – five (5) courses minimum
    e Language/Culture – two (2) courses minimum
2. At least two (2) advanced courses (300 level or above) in at least two of the above general areas, resulting in a four (4) course requirement;
3. At least (6) courses taken outside the School of Science and Humanities; and
4. Electives as necessary to support the development of at least two (2) areas of concentration and to permit increased depth of study in areas supporting the concentration, resulting in a comprehensive program of study totaling not less than 120 credit hours. In addition to required courses and distribution requirements listed above, students would complete 36 hours in two areas of concentration (including at least 15 hours completed at Husson and with a 2.5 grade average or better among these courses).
The curriculum outlined below should be followed by the advisor and student to ensure that all degree requirements are met.
General Education Courses
EH 123Rhetoric and Composition I3
EH 124Rhetoric and Composition II3
EH 200Approaches to Literature3
HE 111The Husson Experience ***1
Please Select One of the Following (Math I):4
Contemporary College Algebra
Precalculus with Trigonometry
Calculus with Applications
Calculus II
Please Select One of the Following (Math II):3-4
Logic and Problem Solving
Probability and Statistics
Precalculus with Trigonometry
Calculus with Applications
Calculus II
Lab Science Elective3-4
Fine Arts Elective3
Foreign Culture & Conv. Elective3
Global Elective3
PY 111General Psychology3
HU 411Senior Capstone Experience3
PH 110Introduction to Ethics3
or BA 302 Business Ethics
Additional Distribution Requirements
Humanities (CM, EH, FA, HU, HY, LC, PH)12
Social Sciences courses (EC, HS, HY, PY, SY)6
Language Elective (LC or ASL)3
Science/Mathematics courses (MI, MS, SC)6
Other Electives
Other Electives20-22
Areas of Concentration
First Concentration18
Second Concentration18
Total Hours121-125

Credit may not be required for degree completion.