General Education Requirements
CM 100Speech3
HE 111The Husson Experience ***1
EH 105College Writing3
EH 270Communicating Science3
EH 274Creative Nonfiction3
or EH 275 Creative Writing Workshop
EH 352Advanced Writing Internship3
Fine Arts Elective3
Historical Elective3
Lab Science Elective3-4
Literature Elective3
Math I Elective4
Math II Elective3
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective or Open Elective3
Perspectives Elective3
Philosophical Elective3
Psychological/Sociological Elective3
Sustainability Elective OR Open Elective3
Program Requirements
CM 200Interpersonal Communication3
CM 221Professional Communications3
CM 323Advanced Professional Communications3
CM 340Crisis Communication3
EH 311Topics in Professional Communication3
EH 324Technical Writing3
EH 360Writing in the Health Professions3
EH 401English Senior Capstone Experience 3
MC 116Intro to Public Relations3
MC 314Cross Cultural Communication3
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective3
Literature Elective3
Literature Electives (300+) - or Open Electives9
Writing Intensive Elective6
Open Electives21
Total Hours122-123
First Year
HE 111***1CM 2003
EH 1053Lab Science Elective3-4
CM 1003Literature Elective3
Math I Elective4Math II Elective3
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective3Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective or Open Elective3
Philosophical Elective3 
 17 15-16
Second Year
CM 2213EH 2703
MC 1163Fine Arts Elective3
Literature Elective3Perspectives Elective3
Sustainability Elective or Open Elective3Psychological/Sociological Elective3
Open Elective3Open Elective3
 15 15
Third Year
CM 3233CM 3403
EH 274 or 2753EH 3523
MC 3143Literature Elective (300+) or Open Elective3
EH 3243Historical Elective3
Open Elective3Open Elective3
 15 15
Fourth Year
EH 3113EH 3603
Literature Elective (300+) or Open Elective3EH 4013
Writing Intensive Elective3Literature Elective (300+) or Open Elective3
Open Elective3Writing Intensive Elective3
Open Elective3Open Elective3
 15 15
Total Hours: 122-123

May not be required for degree completion.