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PT 450. Neurophysiology. 3 Hours.

This course will give students a basic understanding of the neuroanatomical and neurophysiological substrates underlying human perception, movement, cognition and language. The course will pay particular attention to the sensory and motor systems that contribute to the control of posture and movement. Both normal and pathological functioning of the nervous system will be discussed. Common dysfunctions of the neuromuscular system will be addressed through lectures, student literature reviews, and classroom discussion. Students will be required to review recent neuroscience research investigating commonly encountered neural pathologies. Clinical illustrations will be discussed throughout the course. This discussion will include etiology, pathology and therapeutic and pharmacological treatment options where applicable. The course will enable students to apply neuroanatomical knowledge in analyzing a collection of patient signs and symptoms to determine the location and type of CNS lesion. Prerequisite(s): PT 410 and PT 411 and PT 415 and PT 417.