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PY 442. Seminar in Psychology. 3 Hours.

This is a capstone course designed to review the academic work and empirical experiences of psychology majors in the field, but not excluding the incorporation of other academic and collegiate experiences from psychology’s point of view. Additionally, this course provides students the opportunity to explore topics they deem important. The course helps prepare students for program completion and a smooth transition from collegiate to professional life. It also provides a review of the students’ academic experiences and verifies that all of the collegiate co-curricular expectations have been met. Prerequisite(s): College Level=Senior and (Major=BS Psychology - Crim Justice or Major=BS Psychology - General or Major=BS Psychology/Clinical or Major=BS Psychology - MHRT/C Certification or Major=BS Psychology).

Science and Humanities Minors

...Field Placement and PY 491 Field Placement , as well as PY 442 Seminar in Psychology...