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SC 383. Junior Science Seminar. 3 Hours.

This course introduces students to careers in science, the scientific research process, and research expectations within the biology, health science, chemistry and environmental science majors. The major focus is to develop a senior research proposal on the basis of what is attainable, interesting, and meaningful. Students learn, in detail, both the limits and expectations of undergraduate research in the sciences. Students are introduced to the important role of library resources and the professional literature as they investigate their chosen topic. Students are also expected to write a resume and career goals statement, give an oral presentation on a chosen career field in science, lead a class discussion of a scientific article, and submit a written research proposal that includes a scientific literature review, problem statement or hypothesis, a timeline for completion, and detailed budget for their proposed senior thesis research. Students present their proposed research and evaluate other student’s research proposals. Prerequisite(s): MS 132.