College of Science & Humanities Undergraduate Programs

The College of Science and Humanities provides a home for a core of science and humanities courses that broaden students' exposure to knowledge, values, learning, and the art of communication. Our faculty include psychologists, poets, historians, and an extraordinary team of writers and scientists who love their subjects and its teaching.

Classes are small and instruction is student-centered. In an age of global village awareness and multi-cultural interaction, the faculty in the once-traditional areas of Arts and Sciences have created innovative new courses and redesigned some existing courses to enable students to prepare for international commerce, health, and other professions in the 21st century.

Academic disciplines come alive at Husson with faculty dedicated to interdisciplinary teaching and relevant clinical experiences. Students learn self-discipline, professionalism, academic integrity, and improve their self-image while meeting these challenges.

We offer multiple degree programs:


Biology/Biochemistry Concentration

Biology/Environmental Science Concentration

Data Analytics


Exercise Science

Health Sciences

Healthcare Administration and Public Health

Liberal Studies


Undergraduate Programs in the School of Education:

Elementary Education

Secondary Education

Educational Studies