M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration Program is a thirty-six credit graduate management curriculum designed to develop and strengthen skills in analysis, decision-making, and implementation. The program balances strengths in the traditional areas of law, budgeting, and policy-making, with careful attention to the development of skills in communication, interpersonal relations, psychology and leadership essential to effective performance in organizations. Students also have the opportunity to participate in experiential internships with organizations related to the Criminal Justice field that they choose.

Students enrolled in the MSCJA degree are expected to:

1. Analyze how criminal justice policy is formulated at the federal, state and local level within a political, economic and social context.
2. Articulate the roles and functions of the various components of the criminal justice system.
3. Apply decision-making techniques, using quantitative and qualitative analysis, and theory to management issues.
4. Understand the cultural context in which the criminal justice system operates.
5. Demonstrate leadership skills through effective written and oral communication. 
6. Use current technology to access information, analyze and interpret data, and generate reports. 
7. Demonstrate effective team work with a diverse group.

The following classes must be completed for this degree program:

Graduate Criminal Justice Courses
CJ 717Graduate Capstone Course3
Select five of the following:15
Justice Administration and Information Systems
Perspectives in Terrorism
Labor and Employment Law
Leadership & Ethics
Public Policy and Planning
Advanced Criminological Theories
Criminal Justice Graduate Internship
White Collar Crime
Homeland Security
Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency
Corporate Security
Global Jihad and Radicalization
Leadership in Police Organizations I
Leadership in Police Organizations II
Required Graduate Business Courses
BA 600Research Methods in Business and Education3
BA 602Managerial Accounting3
BA 605Management Communications3
BA 641Human Resource Management3
Graduate Business Elective Courses
Graduate Business Electives (BA 600+)6
Total Hours36