Undergraduate Programs in College of Business


  • B.S. Accounting
  • B.S. Accounting/Master of Business Administration
  • B.S. Accounting/Computer Information Systems
  • A.S. Accounting
  • Certificate Accounting
  • Accounting Minor

Business Administration

  • B.S. Business Administration
    • Concentrations:
      • General
      • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
      • Financial Management
      • Financial Planning
      • Healthcare Management
      • Individualized Program of Study (IPS)
      • International Business
      • Management
      • Marketing Management
  • B.S. Business Administration/Master of Business Administration
    • Concentrations: (for undergraduate degree)
      • General
      • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
      • Financial Management
      • Financial Planning
      • Healthcare Management
      • International Business
      • Individualized Program of Study
      • Management
      • Marketing Management
    • Concentrations: (for graduate degree)
      • General
      • Healthcare Management
      • Hospitality and Tourism Management
      • Organizational Management
  • A.S. Business Administration
  • A.S. Business Studies
  • Certificate Business Administration
  • Certificate Entrepreneurship
  • Certificate Sales
  • Certificate Small Business Management

Business and Liberal Studies

  • B.S. Business and Liberal Studies

Business and Professional Studies

  • B.S. Business and Professional Studies

Integrated Technology

  • B.S. Integrated Technology
    • Concentrations:
      • Computer Information Systems
      • Software Development
      • Web Design and Development
  • B.S. Integrated Technology/MBA
    • Concentrations: 
      • Computer Information Systems
      • Software Development
      • Web Design and Development
  • A.S. Integrated Technology
  • Certificate Data Analytics
  • Integrated Technology Minor

Criminal Justice

  • B.S. Criminal Justice
    • Concentrations:
      • National/Corporate Security
      • Psychology
  • B.S. Criminal Justice/B.S. Psychology-MHRT-C
  • B.S. Criminal Justice/M.S. Criminal Justice Administration 
  • A.S. Criminal Justice
  • Certificate Counter Terrorism and Security 

Forensic Science

  • B.S. Forensic Science

Hospitality & Tourism

  • B.S. Hospitality & Tourism Management
    • Concentrations:
      • Sales and Marketing
      • Small Business/Entrepreneurship
  • B.S. Hospitality & Tourism Management/Master of Business Administration - Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Certificate Hospitality 
  • Hospitality Minor
  • Tourism and Recreation Minor

Legal Studies

  • B.S. Legal Studies - Pre-Law 

Paralegal Studies

  • B.S. Paralegal Studies
  • A.S. Paralegal Studies
  • Certificate Paralegal Studies 
  • Certificate Advanced Civil Practice
  • Certificate Advanced Criminal Practice

Sport Management

  • B.S. Sport Management
  • B.S. Sport Management/Master of Business Administration
  • Coaching Minor
  • Tourism and Recreation Minor

College of Business Transfer Credit Policy

For undergraduate programs, transfer credits for courses offered in disciplines which are part of the College of Business more than ten years from the time of application may not be transferable.  All transfer credits will be reviewed by Directors of the Schools within the College of Business individually.

College of Business Academic Progression and Dismissal Policy

Course Repetition, Progression, and Academic Risk Status

  • Academic Risk
    • A student who must retake one or more courses as detailed below will be placed on The College of Business Academic Risk List.
    • Once a student is notified they have been placed on this list they must meet with their advisor within five days to develop a plan to retake the course(s) and to discuss what resources are available to them and the consequences of earning further unsatisfactory grades.
    • Students who successfully remediate their course(s) will be removed from academic risk status.
  • Course Repetition and Progressions
    • A student must retake any course for which an F grade was earned. Should an F grade be received in elective that course should be retaken if possible.  Should it not be possible a different elective can be taken but the grade received would still be averaged with the failing grade.
    • Students must successfully complete the required core course (identified on the curriculum sheet with an asterisk) with a C or better.

Academic Dismissal

A student may be subject to academic dismissal from their respective School if they fail any of the required core courses twice.  The Director of the School will make a decision regarding the Academic Dismissal after review of all the materials on the academic risk and/or course progression policy.

Dismissal Appeal

Students who are dismissed from their respective School in the College of Business for academic reasons may appeal in writing within 10 days of the receipt of the dismissal to Dean of The College of Business. The Decision of the Dean is final.

Comprehensive Exam

Students who complete all of the course requirements for an Associate degree in the College of Business will be required to complete a comprehensive examination prior to graduation.  Upon petitioning to graduate, students who are completing only Associate degrees will receive a notice of how to take the comprehensive examination.  Those students who are co-enrolled in a Bachelor degree or plan to continue to the Bachelor degree program in the next semester, will take the comprehensive examination at the end of their Bachelor degree program.