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The Husson University's Division of Online & Distance Education serves learners who wish to attend 100% online programs or courses. Online courses are offered in seven weeks terms, and provide a variety of online undergraduate and graduate programs and courses from the Colleges of Business, Health and Pharmacy, and Science and Humanities. Husson University recognizes that some students need greater flexibility in course types and delivery, and that the adult learner brings real life experience, skills, and knowledge to the classroom. Course instructors are dedicated to teaching, and most are active professionals in the fields in which they teach. Programs are designed to incorporate professional experiences into the academic environment. Students of Online & Distance Education programs are subject to the same policies and requirements as previously enumerated.


Students interested in pursuing online degrees can find more information about all online programs of study and how to apply at, connect with an Enrollment Counselor at (207) 941-7186 or 


Please refer to Husson University's Online Cost and Aid page for more specific information. Tuition is payable in full on or before the first day of class. Payment plans are available. 

Online students who seek to take one or more on-campus courses will be charged day division tuition rates for those courses.

Financial Aid

Online & Distance Education students who carry at least three credit hours and are enrolled in a degree program are eligible to apply for need-based financial aid. Some certificates may not qualify for financial aid. Please contact an Enrollment Counselor at (207) 941-7186, or, or Husson University's Financial Aid Office at (207) 941-7156, or, for further information. It is important to complete financial aid paperwork early, before registration, as it affects billing procedures. 

Student Course Load - Online Undergraduate/Graduate Programs

A full-time Husson graduate and undergraduate online student normally enrolls for 6 credit hours of coursework per 7-week term. Undergraduate full-time attendance is defined as a course load of 4 or more credit hours per 7-week term. Graduate full-time attendance is defined as a course load of a minimum of 3 credits per 7-week term. An online student wishing to enroll in more than 9 credit hours during a 7-week term must obtain permission from his or her advisor.  If the student's cumulative G.P.A. is below a 3.00 written permission must be obtained from the student's academic advisor, and filed with the Registrar's Office. 

Withdrawals and Course Add/Drop

Students may add or drop courses before the start of the term, or during the standard add/drop period which ends the first Friday of a term. Guidelines for add/drop are provided to the students at the time of registration. 

After the standard add/drop period, tuition and fees will not be adjusted for individual course withdrawals. A student who withdraws from the program must file an official form.  Refund credits are computed from the date that the University receives the official Withdrawal form.  Prorated refunds are explained more fully in the catalog section entitled Financial Information. Nonattendance of classes does not constitute withdrawal.

For program withdrawals during the term, refund credits will be prorated on the balance of tuition, fees, and other charges.

Academic Policies and Procedures

All Online & Distance Education degree courses are consistent with those offered in the on-campus programs of study. Fully Online programs are offered in six, 7-week terms (except for Graduate nursing). Each degree candidate must complete a minimum of thirty (30) credit hours at Husson University, and at least fifteen (15) credits must be completed within the student’s major. Degree candidates must complete their final thirty (30) credit hours through Husson. Students wishing to take more than six (6) credit hours per term must have approval from the Director of Online and Distance Education.

Term Honors

Online Undergraduate students will be reviewed upon the attempted completion of 21 weeks of instruction. Students are eligible for term honors if they carry a full-time load of 12 credit hours, complete all attempted courses in the time allotted for the term, and achieve the grade-point average listed below in the courses completed during the 21 weeks of instruction. Credits from pass/fail classes do not qualify towards meeting the minimum credit hour requirement.

Honors Semester GPA
President's List 3.80-4.00
Dean's List 3.60-3.79
Honors 3.40-3.59

Students enrolled in dual degree programs, leading to both an undergraduate and graduate degree, are not eligible for term honors once they have attained graduate student standing.  Students enrolled in only a masters or professional doctoral program are not eligible for term honors.

Academic Warning, Probation, and Dismissal

Online Undergraduate degree and Special students will be reviewed upon the attempted completion of 21 weeks of instruction. Those students who do not achieve the minimum cumulative grade-point average listed below receive warnings or are placed on Probation** as indicated:

On the Completion of Academic Probation Academic Warning
0-23 Credit Hours 0-1.49 GPA 1.50-1.99 GPA
24-53 Credit Hours 0-1.69 GPA 1.70-1.99 GPA
54-83 Credit Hours 0-1.79 GPA 1.80-1.99 GPA
84+ Credit Hours 0-1.89 GPA 1.90-1.99 GPA

**Students who earn a 0.00 term grade point average will automatically be placed on Academic Probation.

Warning: Academic Warning alerts students that their achievement is below the standard required for normal progress toward graduation. As a result, reduction in student credit-hour course loads may be imposed. Grade deficiencies should be removed during the subsequent term.

Probation: Academic Probation signifies that students are in serious academic jeopardy and are no longer in good academic standing. Students on probation must remove grade deficiencies by the next review period. Failure to do so may result in academic dismissal from the University. Students on Probation are required to carry a reduced class load. A student on probation cannot enroll in more than 6 credit hours during the next term.

Students with a 0.00 term grade point average will be placed on academic probation regardless of the number of credits earned and cumulative grade point average. 

Academic Dismissal: Students in the online program will be automatically dismissed for academic reasons under the following circumstances:

  • Upon earning a 0.00 GPA due to the failing grades of “F”, “X” or “FW” for two consecutive terms. 
  • Upon earning a GPA within the range of academic probation for two consecutive review periods.

These dismissal standards are consistent with the ethical obligation of the University to assure that all students registered for courses can demonstrate satisfactory academic progress. Dismissal takes effect immediately upon the determination of the grades for the term. Unless the student successfully appeals the dismissal, student will not be able to enroll during the next 7-week term or 15-week Fall/Spring semester. Students cannot attend May Term, Summer, or Winter term classes while dismissal is in effect. During the period of dismissal for academic reasons, the student will not be allowed to register for on-campus courses.

A student who seeks a reconsideration of dismissal may appeal the decision on the grounds of extenuating circumstances and by demonstrating a reasonable prospect for academic success in the upcoming term. The appeal should be initiated in writing and submitted to the Dean of the respective School. After reviewing the matter, which may include a meeting with the student, the Dean will provide a recommendation to the Deans Council for affirmation or rejection. Further appeal of the Deans Council decision shall be made to the Chief Academic Officer or his or her designee whose decision shall be final. When the consideration of an appeal requires immediate attention and the Dean of the School is not readily available, the Chief Academic Officer may exercise prerogative in accepting a direct appeal and rendering a final decision. A student may be dismissed from an academic program but remain in acceptable standing in the University. Students dismissed from a degree program will be assigned to special or undeclared status until they complete a change of major form.

Consistent with the University policy on dismissal, after two review periods on academic probation, VA benefits will no longer be certified.

Director of Online and Distance Education: David Rogers, Ph.D. (207) 941-7665, 
Director of Online and Distance Education Enrollment Management: Christopher Vigezzi (207) 941-7633,