The College of Science and Humanities (COSH) offers undergraduate degrees in Animal Studies, Biology, Education, Exercise Science, Health Sciences, Healthcare Administration and Public Health, Liberal Studies, Pre-Medicine, and Psychology. Through its majors, the college educates students for immediate entry into a rewarding career field or graduate study elsewhere.  It also houses the Graduate Counseling Program. In addition, through the general education curriculum overseen by the college, COSH anchors the mission and vision of the university by providing the basic knowledge and skills essential for succeeding in any Husson program. 


Science and Humanities—the core of the university—transforming student lives.


The College of Science and Humanities empowers students through knowledge and critical thinking to become engaged, successful professionals—comfortable global citizens in a rapidly changing world.

Robert Brooks 2009
"BS, University of Idaho"
"MS, University of Wisconsin"
"Ph.D., Washington State University"
Maria Cahill 2014
"BA, University of Washington"
"MA, Southern University"
"Ph.D., University of Wisconsin"
Seth Davis 2021
"BS, Linfiled College"
"MS, Western Illinois University"
"Ph.D., Washington State University"
Rebecca Edelman 2021
"BS, Arizona State University"
"M.Ed. Arizona State University, MA, Wake Forest University"
Ph.D. University of Wyoming
Cody Edson 2023
"BS, Southern Connecticut State University "
"MS, Southern Connecticut State University"
"Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytecnic Institute"
Sarah Fucillo 2021
"BS, Thomas College"
"MS, University of South Alabama"
"Ph.D., Auburn University"
Russell Fulmer 2023
"BA, Fort Hays State University"
"MS, Fort Hays State University"
"Ph.D., Kansas State University"
Clifton Guthrie 2007
"BS, Duke University"
M.Div. Emory University
"Ph.D., Emory University"
Jessica Hacker 2023
"BS, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga"
"MS, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga"
"Ph.D., Louisiana State University"
Maria (Alex) Koeneke Hoenicka 2023
"BS, Complutense University of Madrid"
"MSc, European University of Madrid"
"Ph.D., Complutense University of Madrid"
Jonathan Houck 2022
"BS, Liberty University"
"MS, Liberty University"
"Ph.D., University of New Mexico"
Wenting Hu 2023
"BS, Zhejiang Agricultral University"
"MS, , Zhejiang University"
"Ph.D., University of Kansas"
Mark Hundhammer 2020
"BA, University of California, Chico"
"MS, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point"
Debra Jackson 2014
"BA, University of Southern Maine"
"MS, University of Maine"
"Ph.D., University of Maine"
Jason Kuhn 2023
"BS, University of Maryland"
"Ph.D., University of Virginia"
Nicholas Lacasse 2023
"BS, University of Maine, Farmington"
"MS, Binghamton University"
Ph.D. Binghamton University
Scott Lambert 2013
"BS, University of Maine Farmington"
"MA, State University of New York"
"Ph.D., University of Montana"
Astrid Lassila Smith 2018
"BA, University of Massachusetts"
"MA, Teachers College Columbia University"
"Ph.D., Teachers College Columbia University"
Elisabeth Marnik 2020
"BS, Central Connecticut State University"
"Ph.D., Tufts University"
Evan Mooney 2021
"BA, Kent State University"
"MA, MAT, Kent State University"
"Ph.D., Kent State University"
Andrew Moore 2022
"BS, University of Delaware"
"MS, William Paterson University"
Erin Owen 2008
"BS, Wellesley College"
"MS, Scripps Institution of Oceanography"
"Ph.D., University of Maine"
Matthew Pifer 2006
"BA, AlMA, College"
"MA, University of Oklahoma"
"Ph.D., University of Oklahoma"
M. Jay Polsgrove 2016
"BS, Indiana University"
"MS, Indiana University"
"Ph.D., Indiana University"
David Prescott 2011
"BA, Bowdoin College"
"MA, University of Nebraska"
"Ph.D., University of Nebraska "
Emilia Purington 2021
"BA, Manhattan College"
"MS, University of Maine"
"Ph.D., University of Nebraska "
Ryan Roderick 2018
"BA, Drexel University"
"MA, University of Maine "
"Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University"
Suzanne Rose 2023
"BS, University of Nebraska, Lincoln"
"MS, Rutgers University"
"Ph.D. University of Nebraska, Lincoln"
Lauren Schulte 2022
"BS, James Madison University"
"Ph.D., Florida State University"
Kathi Smith 2014
"BFA, University of Southern Maine"
"MFA, University of New Hampshire"
Rachelle Smith 2009
"BA, University of Maine"
"Ph.D., University of Maine"
Clinton Spaulding 2010
"BA, University of Maine"
"MA, University of Maine"
Jeri Stevens 2013
"BS, University of Maine"
"M.Ed., University of Maine"
"Ph.D., Capella University"
Thomas Stone 2009
"BS, United States Naval Academy"
"MS, University of Wisconsin"
"Ph.D., University of Maine "
Anne Marie Stroian 2021
"MS, Technical University of Civil Engineer - Romania"
Phillip Taylor III 2021
"BA, East Stroudsburg University"
"MS, East Stroudsburg University and MBA, Ohio University"
"Ph.D., Ohio University"
Shelly Tennett 2008
"BS, University of Maine"
"M.Ed., University of Maine"
"Ed.D., University of New England"
Roberta Trefts 2014
"BS, Grand Valley State University"
"MS, Swinburn University of Technology"
Julia Upton 2010
"BA, University of Alabama"
"MA, University of Alabama"
"Ph.D., University of Alabama"
LeeAnne Wilson 2003
"BA, Pomona College"
"M.Ed., Cambridge College"
"Ed.D., University of Maine"
Gregory Winston 2001
"BA, Colgate University"
"MA, University of Delaware"
"Ph.D., University of Delaware"
Donald Withers 2008
"BS, Syracuse University"
"Ph.D., University of California Berkeley"