This certificate is designed to prepare students for a career involving the protection of natural resources, management of wildlife resources and the enforcement of laws governing these resources.  

Credits from this undergraduate certificate can be applied to a B.S. Criminal Justice degree at Husson University, enhance a degree in another discipline, or augment prior learning to provide for a change in career.

The programmatic outcomes of this certificate are:

  1. Students understand federal and state wildlife laws used in the conservation law enforcement field.
  2. Students are able to describe the different missions and investigative techniques of both state and federal conservation law enforcement agencies.   
CJ 225Criminal Procedure3
CJ 325Conservation Law Enforcement3
CJ 346North American Wildlife/Fisheries Identification 3
CJ 425Wildlife/Marine Law Enforcement3
Choose one of the following:3
Environmental Science
Conservation Biology
Environmental Inorganic Chemistry
Total Hours15