Student Affairs

The Center for Student Success (OASIS)

Six departments comprise Husson's Student Success Center:  Academic Services; Learning Center; Writing Center; Career Services; Disability Services; International Student Services.  Additionally, Husson's New Student Orientations, including EAGLEWeek, are housed within this Center, and students taking temporary leaves of absence from the University are also supported through this Center.

Academic Services

Academic Services staff provide guidance, support and advising for students who have not yet declared a major program of study or who are between majors. Students receive assistance in clarifying academic goals and exploring the many programs of study offered at Husson. Academic services staff are also resources for students experiencing academic challenges who need assistance with study skills, tutoring, time management and other types of academic support. Academic Services staff collaborate with faculty in all of Husson's Schools/Colleges to support students by utilizing early intervention strategies.

Husson University’s freshman seminar course, the Husson Experience, is coordinated through Academic Services. A one-credit, graded requirement for all students, Husson Experience is an extended orientation to Husson's policies, procedures, services and supports that enhance student success. A hands-on class that engages students with their peers as they explore critical topics and skills, the Husson Experience also utilizes upperclass students as peer mentors who play a key role in the class. Students learn time management and other academic skills as they come to a better understanding of themselves and their learning styles. A major/career exploration project gives students key insight into what Husson has to offer them and how their interests and aptitudes align with those opportunities.

The first class session of the Husson Experience meets the first day of Welcome Weekend to ensure all students are well prepared to successfully begin their first semester of college.

Learning Center

Academic Services staff also manage the Learning Center which provides peer and faculty tutors in most General Education math and science courses as well as psychology and Spanish courses. Tutoring for additional courses is added as determined by student and faculty need. Supplemental Instructors, upperclass students who have already excelled in the classes they supplement for, reteach course material weekly in small group sessions so as to increase student learning of course content.  Supplemental Instruction is offered for several General Education science courses and additional courses are added to the schedule as student and faculty need dictate.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is co-located with the Learning Center in 210 Peabody Hall. Writing Center consultants are trained upperclass students who provide assistance for both graduate and undergraduate students for all types of writing in any of the University's courses.  English faculty provide training and oversight to Writing Center student consultants as well as provide regular workshops for all Husson students on writing topics.

Fully online students may schedule a tutoring appointment with either a Learning Center or Writing Center tutor/consultant utilizing Google Hang Outs by emailing either:

Career Services

Career Services supports Husson students and alumni in all aspects of career exploration and professional development.  Career Services staff provide a comprehensive array of vocational resources and assistance designed to address students' and alumni needs at every stage of their college and professional development including: career counseling; choosing a major; internships; graduate school applications; professional networking and etiquette; resume and cover letter development; job search strategies; and interviewing techniques.  Career Services maintains a comprehensive website and several social media platforms offering a number of tools designed to support students and alumni with vocational self-assessment, career information, and job search resources. They also maintain a database of current job and internship postings.

Disability Services

Husson University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified students with documented, qualifying disabilities. Accommodations are provided and supported by a full staff of Disability Services advisors. Information regarding where to access support is provided to all incoming students and their parents during New Student Orientation days and in letters sent by the Admissions Office. Returning students who receive support for disabilities are sent reminders of the need to meet and update their accommodation plans at the start of each semester. In order for Husson to provide reasonable accommodations, students must provide documentation of a disability and request accommodations; submission of documentation alone does not establish an accommodation plan. The Disability Services office will review documentation and work with the student to assure an appropriate accommodation plan.

If a student with a documented, qualifying disability would like to have an assistance animal reside in their residence hall room, that accommodation must be requested through Disability Services. A student who has a trained service animal that will be accompanying them on campus also receives support through Disability Services. Husson University's Animals On Campus policy provides guidance on animals allowed on campus.

Animals On Campus policy

For sanitation and safety reasons, except as provided below, animals (with the exception of fish) are not permitted in Husson University buildings or at outdoor sports facilities. This prohibition shall not apply to animals that are:

  • Service or assistance animals under the control of an individual with disabilities
  • Used for teaching and research purposes as determined by the Dean or Provost

Pets are permitted on the University’s outdoor common areas (hereinafter “campus grounds”) when properly controlled and confined and when their presence does not jeopardize the safety or sanitation of the campus grounds or the safety of individuals.

In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act, Husson University affords special consideration for service and assistance animals. Service animals are permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities in all areas where members of the public are allowed to go. If approved, assistance animals are only allowed in the student’s residence hall room and on campus grounds.

For further information regarding this policy, please contact Disability Services.

International Student Services

Husson University supports a growing population of international students from many countries who will find a full complement of support and advocacy services within the Student Success Center. A Student Success Advisor for international students will assist students in their transition to Husson, foster connections with tutoring and other support services, and facilitate connection with our immigration/Visa services staff member. The Advisor will also act as an academic advisor for international students until they have determined their program of study. This Student Success Advisor directs a week-long orientation for all international students - EAGLEWeek - and will facilitate the connection of each international student with his/her peer mentor.

New Student Orientations

Each summer, New Student Orientation days are offered through The Center for Student Success. These orientations are intended to provide incoming students and their parents with the information they need to successfully transition to higher education. Programming strands for parents and students throughout the day introduce them to a variety of campus departments and staff who provide many types of student services and supports. Information is provided on academic protocols and procedures, athletics, purchasing textbooks, class schedules and student life on campus to name just a few areas. Students attend a presentation by faculty in their college/school and have the opportunity to meet with an advisor in their respective college/school (College of Business, College of Science and Humanities, College of Health and Education, New England School of Communications). Over 90% of Husson students attend a New Student Orientation day.

For those students who are unable to attend a New Student Orientation day, or who are accepted into the University after these dates have passed, many orientation activities are available during Welcome Weekend. Staff in the Student Success Center are also available for individual student assistance on the Saturday of Welcome Weekend.

Office of Student Life:

Dean of Student Life

The Office of Student Life is charged with providing a variety of activities and services that enhance and extend a student’s educational experience at Husson University. The Office is responsible for the overall engagement of students through purposeful and innovative programs that foster a sense of community, both in our residential commons and for our commuter student population; endeavors to create a sense of well-being – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – through our direct services to students; works to maintain an atmosphere of civility through our educational-based Student Conduct Code and community standards; and, provides educational training to student leaders, the general student body, and partners across the curriculum and co-curriculum to make the Husson experience a positive environment for all to live, learn, and engage with.

Welcome Weekend

Husson's Student Life office hosts Welcome Weekends each fall when students return to campus for the start of the semester. The first day of Welcome Weekend is for new students only and is dedicated to helping them become acclimated to the start of the school year. After moving into the residence halls, students and parents jointly attend a welcome barbecue. Later, students are provided opportunities to meet with advisors and assemble in their first Husson Experience class which provides instructors the opportunity to welcome students to campus, to assist them in meeting other students on their first day on campus, and to answer any questions they may have about academic protocols and expectations.

Throughout the weekend the planned social activities help students to get to know each other, learn their way around campus, and get ready to begin classes.

Student and Community Standards

Husson University’s Student Conduct Code is administered by the Office of Student Life and is designed to create a civil, educational, and positive environment for students to live, study, and succeed in.

Husson University’s mission is to inspire and prepare students for professional careers. This endeavor includes a commitment to ethical and social responsibility. Students associated with Husson University are charged to be good citizens and foster a positive living and learning environment. The Student Conduct Code provides the framework for student behavior within which students are expected to live while a student at Husson University. Adherence to the Student Conduct Code is expected as a student voluntarily associates themselves with the institution. The Husson University Student Conduct Code is published on the University’s website.

Commuter Student Services

The Office of Student Life provides services and guidance to commuter students with whatever questions or concerns they might have. In partnership with Student Activities, Community and Student Engagement, Counseling and Health Services, our staff is ready to help.

Our signature commuter program is the Commuter Assistants (CAs) program. Each incoming commuter student is assigned a CA, an experienced student leader who knows the campus well, excels academically and is active in the campus community. CA’s strive to be a resource and to assist commuters with the transition to the University. They encourage participation in campus clubs and organizations and often will accompany incoming students to University-sponsored events.

Student Government

The Student Government serves to represent the best interests of the student body and acts as a liaison to the University. Students can serve on the Student Government as Senators or Executive Board Members. Elections for these positions are conducted in the fall and spring semesters respectively.

Clubs & Organizations

Over 50 student clubs and organizations exist on the Husson University campus. These groups are student driven and supported by Student Government. Student clubs and organizations provide engagement opportunities in the areas of service, professional development, recreation, fraternal societies and academics. A current list of student clubs and organizations can be found on the University’s web site.

Campus Chaplain

Husson University recognizes that its primary mission of providing an excellent educational program impacts the total life experience of its students. An integral part of that life experience is a person’s spirituality and Husson is committed to addressing the spiritual needs of its students. The University's Chaplain is available to students for spiritual counseling on a one-to-one basis by appointment. Additionally, the Chaplain is responsible for establishing a campus ministry program that is open to all students. The types of programs vary but may include activities such as prayer services, Bible study, focus groups and spirituality development groups.

Community and Student Engagement

The Office of Community and Student Engagement (CASE) provides opportunities for student to engage in community-building volunteer activities. Through the database of not-for-profits, individual students or student clubs and organizations can discover the multitude of opportunities, both local and international, to serve their community and prepare for effective citizenship. The Office provides information for the development and implementation of service-learning/community-based learning opportunities, community partner building and advocacy. Currently we offer specific opportunities such as Big Brother/Big Sister Clubs, Boys and Girls Club of America for Husson students who work to mentor youth in our communities, and the Commuter Assistant program for upper-class students to work with incoming Husson Students.

Counseling Services

Husson Counseling Services (HCS) is dedicated to providing confidential support to all students in their pursuit of success.  The counselors are committed to supporting students as they use their strengths and resources to develop the skills essential for improved mood, personal growth, relationships and academic success.

Husson Counseling Services staff provides a number of services, including evaluation, personal coaching and performance enhancement, individual therapy, couples therapy, groups, outreach, consultation and instruction. They also offer substance abuse programming and counseling for students who are concerned about their own alcohol or substance abuse, or that of others. This might include prevention, early intervention, assessment, education, individual and group counseling, and referral.

Students are eligible for free, time-limited counseling services from our licensed mental health professionals between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Residence Life 

The Residence Life Staff is comprised of paraprofessional students, Resident Assistants (RAs), who are hired and trained as first responders, crisis managers, mediators and personal resources and live with the students to provide support as needed. The RAs are supplemented by professional staff members, Resident Directors (RDs), who live and work in the hall as well. They provide general oversight to the building, address safety and conduct concerns and support student needs throughout their on-campus living experience.  

All full-time, first and second-year undergraduate day students of Husson University are required to reside in on-campus housing unless they are married or commuting from their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) address within a specified distance from the University. Housing contracts are for the full academic year. 

The residential community is comprised of four residence halls – three traditional halls and one suite-style hall. We also have Townhouse units that provide an on-campus private living experience supported by the university environment.  The traditional halls (Bell, Carlisle, and Hart) are co-ed by floor, mostly double rooms, with a mixture of first year to graduate student, and a mixture of individual and community bathrooms on each floor. Every room comes with the following furnishings for each student: desk, chair, dresser, wardrobe, bunkable bed, and mattress. Furthermore, each room is equipped with a cable TV outlet and access to wireless internet as well as the use of a hard-wired data port. One Micro-Chill® is provided for each residence hall room. All housing contracts include a board plan aside from the Townhouse units which a student can elect to have or not depending on their need due to the provided kitchen.

The suite-style residence hall (Living Learning Center, located on the upper four floors of the Darling Learning Center) accommodates up to four students in a suite. Each suite has two bedrooms (two students in each), living room, private bath and vanity area, and electronic locks on the suite entrance as well as individual bedrooms. The bedroom furniture, as well as cable TV and internet, are the same as the traditional halls. The living room furniture includes a sectional sofa and a hard-topped ottoman. One Micro-Chill® is provided for each bedroom in the suite. All housing contracts include a board plan. There are no appliances in the suite.

The Townhouse units are newly constructed and open in August of 2017. They include four private bedrooms, 2 full baths, living room, and kitchen. All Townhouses are completely furnished with a bed, mattress, desk, chair, wardrobe, dresser and nightstand in the bedrooms. The living room has a couch, two individual chairs, and the kitchen comes with high top chairs for the breakfast bar and stainless steel appliances (refrigerator and stove). Cable TV and both hardwired and wireless internet are also provided like all other living spaces on campus.  

Student Activities

Husson University’s Student Activities Office works to enhance the student life experience by providing a wide variety of activities and programs to engage and enrich the campus community. Programming provides social, educational and cultural opportunities. Activities are held both on and off campus and are available free or at reduced fees to students. Students are encouraged to be actively involved with the Student Activities Office by attending events, collaborating on behalf of a student organization and volunteering on events.  Current Student Activities Programs can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@HussonSA).

Student Health Services

The mission of the Student Health Center is to enhance the academic environment of Husson by providing quality health care, health education and preventative services to students in a caring, cost-effective and convenient manner. The Student Health Center is staffed with health care professionals that focus on student wellness. The Student Health Center is open Monday through Friday for walk-in care; see the Student Health Services website for hours. Services include general medical care, emergent care, preventative care, some lab services and allergy shots. There is no charge for any examination or consultation in the health center and services are available to both resident and commuter students.


Maine State Law (22-MRSA§6359) amendment 10-144 DHHS requires post-secondary students born after 1956 to show proof of immunization against measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus and diphtheria. This applies to all full-time students and all part-time students who are seeking a degree. Specific University programs (usually those in health care fields) may require additional immunizations and documentation.

Student Insurance

All full-time students are required to have some form of accident and sickness insurance coverage. Husson University makes available to its students a Student Health Insurance Plan with the following provisions and limitations:

  • Undergraduate students with 9 or more credits, excluding non-Bangor campuses and online.
  • Graduate students with full time equivalency of 6 credits or more, excluding non-Bangor campuses and online.
  • The Student Health Insurance Plan is not offered to Extended Learning Students.

Students already insured by another plan are exempt from this requirement upon proof of insurance coverage that is usable in the State of Maine.

Other Campus Services:

Dining Services

Husson University Dining Services welcomes you to the Dickerman Dining Center where you will find culinary professionals committed to providing you with a quality dining experience. We serve a wide variety of foods designed to meet the needs of a diverse university community. In addition to meal plans for resident students, dining dollars and commuter meal plans are available and may be purchased in the Dining Services office located in the Dickerman Dining Center.

Cressy Marketplace located next to the Campus Center on the lower level of Peabody Hall provides deli style sandwiches, fresh beef burgers, and daily specials that are popular with our students. Excellent coffee, an assortment of cold beverages, packaged snacks, as well as, fresh fruit and other healthy food and snack options are always available.

Willey’s Café located next to the Furman Student Center specializes in Gevalia coffee and espresso drinks and our very popular, house-made Panini sandwiches. Check out our selection of pastries for that perfect sweet treat.

Athletics and Recreation

The Athletic and Recreation facilities include the Newman Athletic Complex that has basketball and volleyball courts, a 25-yard, 6-lane competitive swimming pool, a strength-training room, and a dance studio. The Swan Fitness Center has cardiovascular machines, weight machines, free weights, televisions and a sound system, and also houses the Kenduskeag Institute Research Laboratory and athletic trainer facilities. The Husson outdoor athletic and recreation facilities include the Winkin Sports Complex with the Harold Alfond Diamond, the Boucher Soccer Pitch, the O’Keefe Softball Field, tennis courts and practice fields.

The University offers an extensive intramural, recreational and intercollegiate sports program for both men and women. The men’s and women’s intercollegiate programs conform to and hold memberships in the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Division III (NCAA) and the North Atlantic Conference (NAC). Men’s intercollegiate competition includes soccer, football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, cross country and golf, indoor and outdoor track. Women’s competition includes volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, swimming, lacrosse, field hockey, cross country, indoor track and outdoor track, and tennis.

Intramural sports play a large part in satisfying the recreational needs of the University community. Many students compete in basketball, swimming, volleyball, tennis, softball, soccer, floor hockey and flag football, just to name a few. Husson campus facilities also provide many opportunities for informal recreation like the new W.T. Gardner & Sons Recreation area.


The Mary McDonald Bookstore is located in room 107, lower level of Peabody Hall and is operated by Follett Higher Education Group. The bookstore stocks course materials required in all programs of study at the University. They also offer a wide variety of school supplies, computers, technology accessories, and an exclusive line of Husson University apparel and gifts. 

Textbooks can be purchased or rented through their website at You can also purchase select University apparel, gifts and school supplies or view current store hours and events on their website. Contact the bookstore directly at 207.947.2270, campus ext. 7114 or via email at

Student Employment

Contact:                 Liana Fellis, Student Employment Manager

Location:               105 Peabody Hall                                            Phone:            207.941.7083

Hours:                   Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm


The Student Employment office serves as a bridge between students and the campus community by assisting students obtain part-time jobs in various departments on campus. Not only can an on campus position provide some extra income and structure to your academic career, but it can also build a resume and enhance professional job skills and competencies. An on-campus employment position is often a great way to become more connected to the University community.

Safety and Security Services

Husson’s uniformed security officers provide 24/7 campus coverage. Our staff consists of 12 full time and 6 part time Security Officers, as well as one full time officer from the Bangor Police Department. We are committed to providing our faculty, staff, students, and guests with a safe and friendly environment both on and around our campus. Statistically, Maine is one of the safest states in our nation. However, that’s not to say that crime never occurs here at Husson University. Husson, along with many other institutions of higher education is required to publish an Annual Security Report, which illustrates certain classes of crimes and fire safety statistics for our campus. We are confident that after reviewing our Annual Security Report, you will see that Husson is indeed a safe place to be. Husson University is fortunate to have experienced so few crimes, but because crimes can and do occasionally occur on our campus, we strongly encourage a collaborative approach towards safety. We truly believe that we all share a responsibility in keeping our community a safe and enjoyable place to live and visit. Husson University is committed to achieving campus safety and security for all members and visitors of our community.

Our Safety & Security department offers POMCO (Piece of Mind Company) safety button devices that can connect a student directly to our services with a push of a button. Campus Safety & Security at Husson offers a “safe walk” escort service on campus for all members of the Husson community. The security department collaborates with Student Life to offer classes such as CPR, self-defense and other safety programs. For additional information please use the information on our website and learn how to report criminal actions, prevent crimes, and practice responsible behavior. Husson University Safety & Security is located in 106 Peabody Hall and by phone at 207.941.7911.