This certificate is designed for students that would like to complement their studies in live sound or music production with the knowledge and skills of advanced post production. Courses provide experience in the recording, editing and mixing of Foley, ADR, sound design, spatial audio, multi-channel mixing, and soundscapes. Students will gain valuable experience and expand their career options through working video projects, film shoots, and location recordings.

Candidates for the Advanced Post Production Certificate must complete at least fifteen (15) semester credit hours with a minimum 2.0 GPA. BS Audio Engineering - Post Production Majors are not eligible for this certificate. In order to complete the Advanced Post Production Certificate a minimum grade of C+ must be achieved in all courses.

Upon completing the Advanced Post Production certificate program students will be able to:

1. Examine sound and its aesthetic and technical characteristics.

2. Demonstrate knowledge of audio theory.

3. Examine and employ audio technology. 

AE 221Intro to Post Production3
AE 300Technical Foundations of Audio Systems3
AE 421 Post Production3
Choose two of the following:6
Hybrid Mixing Techniques
Applications of Effective Recording
Pro Tools II Post
Sound Design for Modern Media *
Advanced Post Production
Total Hours15