Army ROTC is a college elective program designed to develop individual leadership skills for either a military or civilian career. Husson students can participate in the ROTC program during freshman and sophomore college years without any military obligation.  Students can apply to earn the Military Leadership minor. Additionally, credits from ROTC courses can be applied to traditional degree programs like business, criminal justice or nursing.  Students take classes at Husson during their first two years with some physical fitness training at the University of Maine campus in Orono.  Students join with University of Maine colleagues in their third and fourth years for classes on the Orono campus.  

Army ROTC gives students a wide range of experiences while you work toward your college degree. ROTC combines classroom instruction with hands-on training. Participants may gain scholarship status in their second year and graduate from ROTC as second lieutenants in the Army.

Courses in the program include:

ML 100 Leadership Laboratory (0 s.h.)

ML 101 Foundations of Officership (1 s.h.)

ML 102 Basic Leadership (1 s.h.)

ML 201 Individual Leadership Studies (2 s.h.)

ML 202 Leadership and Teamwork (2 s.h.)

ML 301 Leadership and Problem Solving (3 s.h.)

ML 302 Leadership and Ethics (3 s.h.)

ML 350 The Evolution of American Warfare (3 s.h.)

ML 390 Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) (3 s.h.)

ML 401 Leadership and Management (4 s.h.)

ML 402 Officership (4 s.h.)

ML 410 Cadet Troop Leader Training (3 s.h.)

ML 420 Cadet Leadership Course (3 s.h.)

ROTC courses may be applied to degree programs at Husson as follows (individual curriculum assessment will be done for each student):

ML 101 & ML 201 = Open elective credit

ML 102 & ML 202 = Open elective credit

ML 301 = CJ elective, open elective or BA 310 BA 310  credit

ML 302 = BA 302CJ 330, or open elective credit

ML 350 = Open elective credit

ML 390 = Open elective credit

ML 401 = BA elective, BA 351, or CJ 435

ML 402 = BA elective, CJ elective or open elective credit

ML 410 = BA elective, CJ elective or open elective credit

ML 420 = BA elective, CJ elective or open elective credit