Doctor of Physical Therapy Courses

PT 400Clinical Edu I4
PT 409Evidence Based Practice1
PT 410Gross Anatomy4
PT 411Kinesiology & Biomechanics3
PT 412Motor Control & Learning3
PT 413Therapeutic Skills4
PT 414Biophysical Agents3
PT 419Development Across the Lifespan3
PT 421Introduction to Clinical Reasoning1
PT 431Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Therapy3
PT 450Neurophysiology3
PT 500Clinical Edu II8
PT 506Musculoskeletal I4
PT 507Musculoskeletal II4
PT 508Musculoskeletal III4
PT 509Evidence Based Practice II2
PT 510Neuromuscular I4
PT 511Professional Development I: Research2
or PT 512 Professional Development I: Teaching and Learning
or PT 513 Professional Development I: Practice Management
or PT 514 Professional Development I: International Experiential Learning
PT 522Professional Development II: Research2
or PT 523 Professional Development II: Practice Management
or PT 524 Professional Development II: Teaching and Learning
or PT 527 Professional Development II- International Experiential Learning
PT 526Advanced Therapeutic Exercise3
PT 528Ethical/Legal/Management Issues in Physical Therapy2
PT 551Clinical Education4
PT 560Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy3
PT 561Pathophysiology3
PT 562Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy II2
PT 599Advanced Physical Therapy Elective3
PT 600Clinical Edu III4
PT 605Advanced Anatomy1
PT 608PT Management of Children with Neurologic Dysfunction3
PT 609Management of the Integumentary System2
PT 610Neuromuscular II3
PT 611Professional Development III: Research2
or PT 612 Professional Development III: Practice Management
or PT 613 Professional Development III: Teaching and Learning
or PT 614 Professional Development III- International Experiential Learning
PT 618Health and Wellness3
PT 620Primary Health Care2
PT 625Prosthetics in Rehabilitation2
PT 630Professional Identity Formation2
PT 640Medical Imaging and Rehabilitation1
PT 642Pharmacology and Rehabilitation1
PT 650Patient Care Seminar I2
PT 661Exercise for Special Populations3
PT 664Geriatrics3
Total Hours116

Suggested Course Sequence

First Year
Summer - The following courses are completed in the Summer term. All students start in the summer. PT 4123PT 4004
PT 4091PT 4193PT 6401
PT 4104PT 4503PT 6421
PT 4211PT 5064 
Fall Semester Courses: PT 5282 
PT 4113PT 6183 
PT 4134  
PT 4143  
PT 4313  
PT 5092  
PT 5613  
 24 18 6
Second Year
PT 5074PT 5084PT 6252
PT 5104PT 522, 523, 524, or 5272PT 6613
PT 511, 512, 513, or 5142PT 5263PT 6643
PT 5603PT 5622 
PT 6083PT 6103 
PT 6092PT 6302 
 18 16 8
Third Year
PT 5008PT 5993 
PT 551 (Course completed during Winter Term)4PT 6004 
 PT 6051 
 PT 611, 612, 613, or 6142 
 PT 6202 
 PT 6502 
 12 14
Total Hours: 116