General Education Courses
EH 105College Writing3
HE 111The Husson Experience ***1
MS 132Probability and Statistics3
MS 181Calculus with Applications4
or MS 182 Calculus II
RX 311Medical Physiology and Pathophysiology I4
RX 453 Social & Behavioral Pharmacy2
RX 458 Pharmacoeconomics3
SC 181
SL 181
Chemistry I
and Chemistry Lab I
Bridge Elective3
Fine Arts Elective3
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective3
Literature Elective3
Historical Elective3
Philosophical Elective3
Psychological/Sociological Elective3
Major Courses
SC 182
SL 182
Chemistry II
and Chemistry Lab II
SC 191
SL 191
General Biology I
and General Biology Lab I
SC 192
SL 192
General Biology II
and General Biology Lab II
SC 221
SL 221
Anatomy and Physiology I
and Anat/Physiology Lab I
SC 222
SL 222
Anatomy and Physiology II
and Anatomy/Physiology Lab II
SC 287
SL 287
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
SC 288
SL 288
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
RX 303Introduction to Pharmacy1
RX 310Drug Information and Clinical Research Design I2
RX 312Medical Physiology and Pathophysiology II4
RX 321Pharmaceutics I: Drug Characteristics and Calculations3
RX 322Pharmaceutics II: Drug Delivery Systems with Lab4
RX 342Medical Microbiology3
RX 350IPPE I (Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience I - Community)4
RX 351Practice Skills Lab I1
RX 352Communications and Ethics1
RX 357Introduction to Therapeutics: Self Care/OTC3
RX 361Medical Biochemistry3
RX 362Practice Skills Lab II1
RX 371Clinical Chemistry & Calculations1
RX 372Applied Medical Physiology and Pathophysiology II (MPP II) for Pharmacists2
RX 411Drug Information & Clinical Research Design II 2
RX 421Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry I3
RX 422Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry II3
RX 433Principles of Pharmacokinetics3
RX 434Practice Skills Lab III1
RX 450Introductory Pharmacy Practice Exp – Institutional3
RX 456Individualized Pharmacokinetic Dosing2
RX 464Practice Skills Lab IV1
RX 474Pharmacotherapeutics I3
RX 475Pharmacotherapeutics II3
RX 491Applied Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics I2
RX 492Applied Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics II2
RX 503Ambulatory Care and Institutional Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE P3)1
RX 504Clinical Pharmacy Capstone1
RX 505Practice Skills Lab V1
RX 523Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry III3
RX 524Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry IV3
RX 534Practice Skills Lab VI1
RX 542Clinical Calculations Capstone2
RX 551Drug Information & Clinical Research Design III2
RX 552Pharmacy Law3
RX 564Clinical Drug Interactions2
RX 571Pharmacy Practice Management3
RX 576Pharmacotherapeutics III4
RX 577 Pharmacotherapeutics IV4
RX 591Applied Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics III2
RX 592Applied Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics IV2
RX 648Transitions into the Profession I1
RX 649Transitions into the Profession II1
RX 650Transition into the Profession III2
RX 660Block 1 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5.5
RX 665Block 2 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5.5
RX 670Block 3 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5.5
RX 675Block 4 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5.5
RX 680Block 5 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5.5
RX 685Block 6 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5.5
RX 690Block 7 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5.5
RX Electives4
Total Hours214.5
First Year
EH 1053MS 181 or 1824 
HE 111***1SC 182
SL 182
SC 181
SL 181
4SC 192
SL 192
SC 191
SL 191
4Fine Arts Elective3 
Psychological/Sociological Elective3  
 15 15
Second Year
SC 221
SL 221
4MS 1323 
SC 287
SL 287
4SC 222
SL 222
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective3SC 288
SL 288
Literature Elective3Bridge Elective3 
Philosophical Elective3Historical Elective3 
 17 17
Third Year
RX 3031RX 3124RX 3504
RX 3102RX 3224 
RX 3114RX 3423 
RX 3213RX 3573 
RX 3511RX 3621 
RX 3521RX 3722 
RX 3613  
RX 3711  
 16 17 4
Fourth Year
RX 4112RX 4223RX 4503
RX 4213RX 4532 
RX 4333RX 4562 
RX 4341RX 4583 
RX 4743RX 4641 
RX 4912RX 4753 
RX Elective I2RX 4922 
 16 16 3
Fifth Year
RX 5031RX 5041RX 6481
RX 5051RX 5243RX 6605.5
RX 5233RX 5774RX 6655.5
RX 5422RX 5341 
RX 5512RX 5523 
RX 5713RX 5642 
RX 5764RX 5922 
RX 5912RX Elective II2 
 18 18 12
Sixth Year
RX 6491RX 6502 
RX 6705.5RX 6855.5 
RX 6755.5RX 6905.5 
RX 6805.5  
 17.5 13
Total Hours: 214.5

 May not be required for degree completion.