Six-Course Certificate (18 CH)- Non-capstone; Non-internship
*Degree Requirement for admission: Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) and admission requirements (GPA, etc.) for graduate MPH.

Students will take the following courses (no particular sequence):

HS 602Public Health Program Planning, Management, and Evaluation3
HS 604Epidemiology3
HS 700Global Health3
NU 740Public Health Policy Issues and Challenges3
NU 821Strategy & Analysis of Organizational Process3
NU 836Healthcare Informatics and Technology3
Total Hours18

Upon completion of the six-course certificate, students may continue on towards their MPH (would need to apply for the program).

If an existing MPH student wanted to earn the Nursing Global Health Certificate, students would need to apply during the first term of the program. This would be only open to students who have earned a BSN.