The A.S. University Studies degree allows students to gain insight from general education courses as well as choose 9 open elective courses (27 credits) from one discipline or multiple disciplines from the College of Business or other Schools and Colleges at Husson University.  The A.S. University Studies degree courses can also be applied later to earn a B.S. degree.  

HE 111The Husson Experience1
EH 105College Writing3
Humanities Elective 3
Fine Arts Elective3
Historical Elective3
Lab Science Elective3-4
Literature Elective 3
Perspectives Elective 3
Math I Elective4
Math II Elective3
Philosophical Elective 3
Psychological/Sociological Elective 3
Open Elective27
Total Hours62-63
First Year
HE 1111Literature Elective3
EH 1053Math I Elective4
Humanities Elective 3Perspectives Elective 3
Fine Arts Elective3Philosophical Elective 3
Historical Elective 3Psychological/Sociological Elective3
Lab Science Elective3-4 
 16-17 16
Second Year
Math II Elective3Open Electives15
Open Electives12 
 15 15
Total Hours: 62-63