This is a five-year dual degree major in which the student, upon completion of program requirements, is awarded the degrees of B.S. Criminal Justice and B.S. Psychology. This course of study is prompted by homeland security training requirements and the expanding needs of such agencies as the FBI, CIA, and criminal investigation agencies. The latter cite an increasing demand for profilers with investigative and human behavior backgrounds. The B.S. Psychology qualifies a student for State of Maine Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician-Community level certification (MHRT-C).

This unique curriculum provides a strong core of professional courses as well as varied liberal arts offerings leading to Bachelor's degrees in both Criminal Justice and Psychology. The course of study is structured to expose students to core theoretical, clinical and practical topics in complementary disciplines with elective based courses and fieldwork opportunities allowing the individual learner to tailor the program to include unique interests.

The dual degree program also provides the option of attending the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's Pre-Service Training program, allowing the student to earn six college credits and become eligible to work as a part-time law enforcement officer in the State of Maine. Students in this program may also be eligible to attend the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's Basic Corrections Program, which certifies individual to become eligible for employment as a corrections officer in the State of Maine, and receive six college credits as well. Those students in their final year of study may choose instead to attend the Academy's Basic Law Enforcement Training Program to become eligible to work as a full-time law enforcement officer in the State of Maine, while earning fifteen college credits.

During the fourth and fifth years, students are required to complete a practicum experience in Psychology and may choose to complete an internship in a Criminal Justice related setting. Upon completion of the core Psychology coursework, the student is also able to apply for certification as a Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician, Community Level (MHRT-C) in the State of Maine. These opportunities allow the student to meaningfully integrate classroom based learning into a real world application of knowledge. The dual degree student is therefore ideally positioned for entry level positions in both professions as well as post-baccalaureate study at a graduate level.

In order to earn both degrees, students will be expected to fulfill the program objectives for the B.S. Criminal Justice and B.S. Psychology.

The programmatic outcomes for the B.S. Criminal Justice/B.S. Psychology are:

  • Students will understand core theories and practices in criminal justice - Administration of Justice; Law Enforcement; Law Adjudication; Corrections; Criminological Theory
  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking and professional communication skills.
  • Students will apply legal and ethical principles to decision making.
  • Students will apply quantitative and qualitative methods and tools to formulate decision alternatives.
  • Students will apply critical thinking to diversity issues that arise in Criminal Justice
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to work with diverse colleagues in team situations.
  • Students will apply theories of human behavior to solve problems
General Education Courses
CJ 411Crisis Intervention (/MCJA)3
CJ 445Criminal Justice Capstone3
EH 105College Writing *3
HE 111The Husson Experience ***1
HY 211American National Government3
MS 132Probability and Statistics3
PY 111General Psychology3
PY 141Human Growth and Development3
SY 201Principles of Sociology3
or SY 222 Cultural Anthropology
Fine Arts Elective3
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective3
Humanities Elective *3
Lab Science Elective (Must also qualify as a sustainability elective)3
Literature Elective3
Math I Elective4
Philosophical Elective3
Professional Courses
BA 311Human Resource Management3
CJ 101Intro to Justice & Pub Safety *3
CJ 215Police Operations *3
CJ 221Criminalistics3
CJ 225Criminal Procedure *3
CJ 235Criminology *3
CJ 309Constitutional Law3
CJ 310Mod Penology and Corrections3
CJ 315Juvenile Justice3
CJ 341Investigations (/MCJA)3
CJ 435Management & Criminal Justice3
CM 221Professional Communications3
MH 200Community Integration and Inclusion (or Open Elective )3
MH 201Policy Knowledge (or Open Elective )3
MH 202Mind-Body Connection (or Open Elective )3
MH 203Vocational Support (or Open Elective )3
PL 200Criminal Law *3
PY 113Ethics and Professional Conduct (or Psychology Elective )3
PY 231Social Psychology *3
PY 232Abnormal Psychology3
PY 242Research Methods3
PY 322Cultural Competency (or Psychology Elective) 1 3
PY 335Behavioral, Psychological, and Rehabilitation Intervention Models (or PY Elective) 1 23
PY 442Seminar in Psychology3
PY 447Trauma and Resiliency (or Psychology Elective) 1 3
PY 491Field Placement3
Advanced Criminal Justice Electives (5) or Maine Criminal Justice Academy15
Criminal Justice Elective 3
Psychology Elective 9
Total Hours152

Suggested Course Sequence 

First Year
CJ 101*3CJ 225*3
EH 105*3PY 1413
HE 111***1SY 201 or 2223
PY 111*3Humanities Elective *3
Math I Elective4Lab Science Elective (Must also qualify as a sustainability elective)3
Philosophical Elective3 
 17 15
Second Year
CJ 215*3PL 200*3
CJ 3093PY 113 (or Psychology Elective )3
MS 1323PY 231*3
PY 2323PY 2423
Literature Elective3Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective3
 15 15
Third Year
CJ 3103CJ 2213
CJ 341 (/MCJA)3CJ 235*3
CM 2213HY 2113
MH 200 (or Open Elective )3MH 201 (or Open Elective )3
Psychology Elective 3PY 322 (or PY Elective)3
 15 15
Fourth Year
CJ 4113BA 3113
MH 202 (or Open Elective )3CJ 3153
PY 335 (or PY Elective)3CJ 4353
Fine Arts Elective3MH 203 (or Open Elective )3
Psychology Elective 3PY 447 (or PY Elective )3
 15 15
Fifth Year
CJ 445*3PY 4423
Psychology Elective3PY 4913
Advanced Criminal Justice Elective/M.C.J.A.3Advanced Criminal Justice Elective/M.C.J.A.3
Advanced Criminal Justice Elective/M.C.J.A.3Advanced Criminal Justice Elective/M.C.J.A.3
Advanced Criminal Justice Elective/M.C.J.A.3CJ Elective 3
 15 15
Total Hours: 152