HY 101. History of Western Civilization. 3 Hours.

This is a survey course designed to present a concise view of the significant and relevant experiences of western civilization. Emphasis is placed on the major events, institutions, ideas and creative works that have shaped western civilization.

HY 102. Early World Civilizations. 3 Hours.

This course is a comparative study of the economic, social, political, and intellectual factors that shaped and defined the history of the world from ancient times to roughly 1500.

HY 103. Modern World Civilizations. 3 Hours.

A study of how economic, social, political and intellectual factors shaped and defined the history of selected Western and non-Western civilizations after 1500.

HY 111. United States History I. 3 Hours.

The social, political, and economic growth of the United States from 1620s to the Civil War is stressed. After a view of the colonial settlements, particular attention is devoted to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, the framing of the Constitution, the struggle between Hamilton and Jefferson, the War of 1812, Jacksonian Democracy, the beginning of industrialization, the causes of the Civil War, and the problems of the Reconstruction Era.

HY 112. United States History II. 3 Hours.

Late nineteenth and early twentieth century social and economic history is examined against a background of the increased nationalism and the rapid industrialization accompanying and following the Civil War and Reconstruction Periods. The Agrarian revolt, the emergence of the country as a first-rate power, the Progressive movement, the New Deal and America’s part in the two World Wars are emphasized.

HY 199. Topic/. 1-6 Hour.

This course is intended to provide the opportunity to offer topic courses in history that would not normally be a part of the Husson curriculum. As such the topics will depend upon the interests of students and faculty.

HY 201. The World of Islam. 3 Hours.

This course examines the history, religious development, and current issues confronted by the people and governments of Islamic countries. Although the religion and its demographics encompass more than the geographic region known as the Middle East, a major focus of the course will be on this region which stretches from southern Asia to northeastern Africa. The genesis of modern civilization and today’s major monotheistic religions is to be found in this area, as are some of the world’s most pressing and perplexing political and religious issues.

HY 202. Cultural Immersion Experience. 3 Hours.

Through this course, students obtain experiential knowledge of culture and history in many different ways that may include interaction with indigenous individuals and their language, song, dance, and food.

HY 210. World Geography. 3 Hours.

This course is an in-depth study of world/human geography having as its basis the five themes of geography: location- the spot where a place is located; place- described by both physical location and human features; region-an area of the earth with one or more shared characteristics; movement-where, how and why people and ideas move; human & environment-how people and the environment affect each other. Each geographic area will be studied in terms of history, religion and geopolitical importance in space and time. Current events will be an integral part of the course as well as maps of all kinds. Mapping will be studied and skills for mapping will be explored and practiced.

HY 211. American National Government. 3 Hours.

The course places in historical perspective the development, organization, and function of American national government. Emphasis is placed upon development of the United States Constitution, the governmental administrative system and the political socialization process essential to an understanding of the American political system.

HY 213. State and Local Government. 3 Hours.

This course examines the structures, processes, and roles of state and local governments in the United States. It will cover the key principles of federalism and the historical, social, and cultural context of the state and local systems of government. The roles of individuals, interest groups, parties, and media outlets will be given special focus. Students will also examine key challenges and issues facing state and local governments, possible solutions to those problems, and the policy process at the local level. This course will devote special attention to the State Government of Maine and local governments of Maine.

HY 221. United States Social History. 3 Hours.

An in-depth analysis of the United States social history from the Colonial period to the present period is examined. Particular attention is given to those nineteenth century social reform movements, as well as the broader institutional-corporate and governmental, cultural and intellectual forces, which have shaped twentieth century America.

HY 222. Social Studies for Educators. 3 Hours.

This course provides personally guided preparation in the key areas of social studies for future teachers. It require students to complete a normed diagnostic examination aligned to Maine DOE and Praxis requirements which points to individual areas of focus for the student.

HY 299. Topic/. 1-6 Hour.

This course is intended to provide the opportunity to offer topic courses in history that would not normally be a part of the Husson curriculum. As such the topics will depend upon the interests of students and faculty.

HY 301. The 20th Century. 3 Hours.

This course is a global history of the modern world: the world of the present century. It will benefit students of International Trade and Foreign Commerce, and those generally interested in contemporary history.

HY 321. United States Military History I. 3 Hours.

This course will examine major military events, policies, and practices and their effects on the growth and development of the United States from its colonial period to the Civil War. It will treat the clash of cultures on the ever-moving American frontier and the causes and outbreak of the Revolutionary War. It explores in detail the War with Mexico, the evolution of military command and staff, the American Civil War, and subsequent conflicts in which war, is employed as an instrumentality of conflict resolution.

HY 322. United States Military History II. 3 Hours.

This course will examine American military events, policies, and doctrines of the Twentieth Century and their effects on the growth and development of United States domestic and foreign policy. Looking at armed conflict as an instrument of policy, major events of the century will be critiqued including the world wars, the cold war era and the modern era which Samuel Huntington has characterized as a conflict of civilizations. Modern weaponry, strategy and tactics will be examined as well as changing military doctrine.

HY 341. International Relations. 3 Hours.

The course presents an analysis of current problems of global or international nature. Emphasis is placed on such issues as colonialism versus self-determination; power and morality in international politics; militarism versus world peace. The structure and operation of international agencies and alliances are also discussed.

HY 401. Maine Native American History and Culture. 3 Hours.

The course is mostly located in Washington County on the reservations and in New Brunswick, Canada, uncovering the history and culture of the Wabanakis. Topics to be experienced during the weeklong immersion experience may include spirituality, medicinal herbs, music, drumming, history, oral tradition, food, and preservation of language and culture.

HY 421. Development of American Business in the 20th Century. 3 Hours.

The course presents a history of the American economy from the nation’s early beginning to the twentieth century. Emphasis is placed upon the development of the country’s emerging economy, industrial transformation and the appeal for governmental intervention. Particular attention is also given to the role of capitalism, the modern corporation and government-business regulations in the twentieth century. Prerequisite(s): HY 111 and HY 112.

HY 499. Topic/. 3 Hours.

This course is intended to provide the opportunity to offer advanced courses in history that would not normally be a part of the Husson curriculum. As such the topics will depend upon the interests of students and faculty.