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Student Success Center

Six departments comprise Husson's Student Success Center:  Academic Services; The Tutoring Center; The Writing Center; Career Services; Accessiblity Services; International Student Services.  The Center also oversees Husson's New Student Orientations, including EAGLEWeek, and provides support to students requesting temporary leaves of absence from the University.

Academic Services

Academic Services staff provide guidance, support and advising for students who have not yet declared a major program of study, who are between majors, and who are admitted conditionally. Students receive assistance in clarifying academic goals and exploring the many programs of study offered at Husson. Academic services staff are also resources for students experiencing academic challenges who need assistance with study skills, tutoring, time management and other types of academic support. Academic Services staff collaborate with faculty in all of Husson's Schools/Colleges to support students by utilizing early intervention strategies.

Husson University’s freshman seminar course, the Husson Experience, is coordinated through Academic Services. A one-credit, graded requirement for all students, Husson Experience is an extended orientation to Husson's policies, procedures, services and supports all designed to enhance student success. This is a hands-on class that engages students with their peers as they explore critical topics and skills, and which also utilizes upperclass students as peer mentors who play a key role in the class. Students learn time management and other academic skills as they come to a better understanding of themselves and their learning styles. A major/career exploration project gives students key insight into what Husson has to offer them and how their interests and aptitudes align with those opportunities.

The first class session of the Husson Experience meets the first day of Welcome Weekend to ensure all students are well prepared to successfully begin their first semester of college.

Accessibility Services

Husson University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified students with documented, qualifying disabilities. Accommodations are provided and supported by our Accessibility Services team. Information regarding where to access support is provided to all incoming students and their parents during New Student Orientation days and in letters sent by the Admissions Office. Returning students who receive support for disabilities are sent reminders of the need to meet and update their accommodation plans at the start of each semester. In order for Husson to provide reasonable accommodations, students must provide documentation of a disability and request accommodations; submission of documentation alone does not establish an accommodation plan. The Accessibility Services office will review documentation and work with the student to assure an appropriate accommodation plan.

If a student with a documented, qualifying disability would like to have an assistance animal reside in their residence hall room, that accommodation must be requested through Accessibility Services. Students with a trained service animal that will be accompanying them on campus also are encouraged to have a conversation with Accessibility Services. Husson University's Animals On Campus policy provides guidance on animals allowed on campus.

Animals On Campus policy

For sanitation and safety reasons, except as provided below, animals (with the exception of fish) are not permitted in Husson University buildings or at outdoor sports facilities. This prohibition shall not apply to animals that are:

  • Service or assistance animals under the control of an individual with disabilities
  • Used for teaching and research purposes as determined by the Dean or Provost

Pets are permitted on the University’s outdoor common areas (hereinafter “campus grounds”) when properly controlled and confined and when their presence does not jeopardize the safety or sanitation of the campus grounds or the safety of individuals.

In the case of pets such as dogs, proper confinement shall consist of a cage or a leash of sufficient strength to restrain the dog held by a person competent to govern the behavior of the dog. Any pets brought on the campus grounds must be properly licensed and vaccinated under the laws of Maine and tags indicating such license and vaccination shall at all times be attached to the collar of the pet. In those cases where impoundment is necessary, the owner of the animal or its claimant shall be personally responsible for all costs associated with reclaiming the animal.

Any person who walks an animal on campus grounds shall be responsible for the control and behavior of the animal, as well as the prompt collection and disposal of the solid waste excreted by that animal. Failure to assume such responsibility shall result in the animal being barred from Husson University property.

In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act, Husson University affords special consideration for service and assistance animals. Service animals are permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities in all areas where members of the public are allowed to go. Assistance animals that are not within the service animal definition may be entitled to reside with students in Husson University housing as a reasonable accommodation under the Fair Housing Act as determined on a case-by-case basis by Accessibility Services. If approved, assistance animals are only allowed in the student’s residence hall room and on campus grounds.

For further information regarding this policy, please contact Accessibility Services.

Career Services

Career Services supports Husson students and alumni in all aspects of career exploration and professional development.  Career Services staff provide a comprehensive array of vocational resources and assistance designed to address the needs of students and alumni at every stage of their college and professional development including: career counseling; choosing a major; internships; graduate school applications; professional networking and etiquette; resume and cover letter development; job search strategies; and interviewing techniques.  Career Services maintains a comprehensive website and several social media platforms offering a number of tools designed to support vocational self-assessment, career information, and job search resources. They also maintain a database of current job and internship postings.

International Student Services

Husson University supports a growing population of international students from many countries who will find a full complement of support and advocacy services within the Student Success Center. A Student Success Advisor for international students will assist students in their transition to Husson, foster connections with tutoring and other support services, and facilitate connection with our immigration/Visa services staff member. The Advisor will also act as an academic advisor for international students until they have determined their program of study. This Student Success Advisor directs a week-long orientation for all international students - EAGLEWeek.

New Student Orientations

Each summer and winter, New Student Orientations are offered through the Center for Student Success. These orientations are intended to provide incoming students and their parents with the information they need to successfully transition to higher education. Programming strands for parents and students throughout the day introduce them to a variety of campus departments and staff who provide many types of student services and supports. Information is provided on academic protocols and procedures, athletics, purchasing textbooks, class schedules and student life on campus to name just a few areas. Students attend a presentation by faculty in their college/school and have the opportunity to meet with an advisor in their respective college/school (College of Business, College of Science and Humanities, College of Health and Education, New England School of Communications). Over 90% of Husson students attend a New Student Orientation day.

For those students who are unable to attend a New Student Orientation day, or who are accepted into the University after these dates have passed, many orientation activities are available during Welcome Weekend or are also provided online. Staff in the Student Success Center are also available for individual student assistance on the first day of Welcome Weekend.

Tutoring Center

Academic Services staff manage the Tutoring Center, located in 210 Peabody Hall, which provides peer and faculty tutors in most General Education math and science courses as well as well as many other courses. Supplemental Instructors, upperclass students who have already excelled in the classes they supplement for, reteach course material weekly in small group sessions so as to increase student learning of course content.  Supplemental Instruction is offered for several General Education science courses and additional courses are added to the schedule as student and faculty need dictate.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is co-located with the Tutoring Center in 210 Peabody Hall. Writing Center consultants are trained upperclass students who provide assistance for both graduate and undergraduate students for all types of writing in any of the University's courses.  English faculty provide training and oversight to Writing Center student consultants as well as provide regular workshops for all Husson students on writing topics.