The CACREP accredited School Counseling program consists of a minimum of 60 hours of counseling courses that provide students with a thorough background in the areas of individual and group counseling theories and skills; counseling practice; ethical, professional and legal issues in counseling; social and cultural factors in counseling; human development across the lifespan; career development theories and interventions; assessment in counseling, and the application of research, a semester-long practicum and a two-semester internship of at least 600 hours. Graduates of CACREP accredited programs are prepared for careers in mental health, human services, education, private practice, government, military, business, and industry. Graduates are prepared to apply for respective credentials (e.g.,  licensure, certification) in their specialty area. Working closely with faculty, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of current issues and theories in school counseling and the role of the school guidance program across the domains of academic, career, and social-emotional development. The student will acquire individual and group counseling and classroom facilitation skills, as well as consultation and collaboration skills. The practicum and internship experiences will allow students to apply their understanding of the theory and research in highly supervised K-12 educational settings. 

Comprehensive Examination

Students enrolled in the program must pass a comprehensive examination prior to entering internship.

Graduate Requirements

Students enrolled in the program must:

  • Have been admitted to degree candidacy.
  • Have passed the comprehensive examination.
  • Have completed the required course of study with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or better and satisfactory disposition reviews.

Program Requirements

CO 700Orientation to the Professions of Counseling and Human Relat3
CO 701The Role of School Counselor3
CO 702Human Growth and Development3
CO 703Research and Program Evaluation3
CO 704Social and Cultural Diversity3
CO 705Theories of Counseling3
CO 706School Counseling Programs3
CO 710Counseling Techniques3
CO 711Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling3
CO 712Group Process3
CO 715Advanced Counseling Techniques3
CO 720School Counseling for Exceptional Students3
CO 721Assessment in Counseling3
CO 722Career Development and Counseling3
CO 723Counseling Young Children and Adolescents3
CO 805Addictions Counseling: Treatment and Contemporary Issues3
CO 827Crisis Intervention3
CO 890Practicum3
CO 881School Counseling Internship I1
CO 882School Counseling Internship II1
CO 883School Counseling Internship III1
CO 884School Counseling Internship IV1
CO 885School Counseling Internship V1
CO 886School Counseling Internship VI1
Total Hours60