B.S. Animal-Assisted Therapy

Program Description 

The study of human-animal interactions is an exciting and growing field focusing on human relationships with animals, animal welfare, and the psychological and physiological benefits of the human-animal relationship. This unique online program combines the study of animal behavior, animal welfare, psychology and animal-assisted therapy, to provide students with comprehensive experience that prepares them for careers that integrate animals into mental and physical healthcare practices.

B.S. Animal Care and Behavior

Program Description

This unique online degree incorporates the study of animal behavior, biology, and animal health and nutrition to prepare students for a career in an animal-related field such as working at zoos or aquariums, veterinary practices, animal welfare, animal shelters, animal rehabilitation facilities, and preserves. Students may earn certificates in animal training and animal-assisted therapy as they complete the requirements for the bachelor's degree program.

Animal-Assisted Therapy Certificate – 100% Online

Certificate Description:  This unique certificate will train students to integrate companion animals safely and ethically into a variety of treatment settings. Animal-Assisted Therapy, and the study of human-animal interactions, is an exciting and growing field of scientific inquiry focusing on our relationship with animals. Students will study how animal-human bonds have both emotional and health benefits, how to safely and ethically apply animal interactions as a therapeutic tool, and learn techniques for working with therapy animals.

Animal Training Certificate – 100% Online

Certificate Description: This certificate program will prepare students to incorporate standards of best practice into animal training plans. With a foundation in animal behavior and animal-human interactions, students will apply training techniques to a variety of species and examine the effects of the environment on training goals. Students will create a unique Training Manual for a species and environment of their choosing for the final certificate project.

Certificate Outcomes - Upon completion of the Animal Training Certificate students will:

●      Describe the role of animal behavior in animal training approaches

●      Assess the impacts of human-animal interactions on both humans and animals

●      Evaluate standards of best practice in animal training

●      Apply animal training principles to create a species-specific reference manual


As a student enrolled in Husson University's online animal-focused program/course, you may engage in activities that involve live animals. Such activities are not required by the course and are done on a voluntary basis. Participation in such activities has inherent risks. Neither Husson University nor its faculty and staff are responsible for any injuries, damages, or other harm to self or property that may occur to you and/or the animals with which you engage.