The Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medicine degree program helps students prepare for medical school, with a curriculum that includes courses most medical schools require. Students will build a strong foundation in the sciences, by taking courses in biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, genetics and more. The degree can also be tailored to specific interests through pre-medicine elective courses, with options such as nutrition, epidemiology, public health and prevention and management of chronic diseases. Successful completion of these degree requirements prepares students for application to and progress through medical school.

Students interested in other health profession programs, such as physicians assistant, chiropractic care, dental school, or veterinary school, may also wish to explore the Husson Health Sciences program. [Hyperlink to the Health Sciences page.]

Programmatic Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental biological principles.
  2. Students will apply analytical reasoning in order to solve biological problems.
  3. Students will demonstrate behaviors expected of an entry-level professional.