The Fundamentals of Video Production certificate provides students a base knowledge in all the aspects of what it takes to shoot and edit content in a commercial, film or live environment. It will help build a base understanding of all the different skill sets needed in this field.

Students enrolled in the B.S. in Video/Film Production are not eligible for this certificate.

Required Courses:
VF 100Intro to Video Production *3
VF 105Video Production I *3
VF 224TV Studio/Remote Production I *3
VF 243Video Compositing & Motion Graphics I 3
Please select one of the Following:3
Intro To Live Sound Production
Fundamentals of Stage Lighting
History of Photography
Graphic Design I
Web Design for Non-Majors
Computer Applications for Digital Media
Intro to News Reporting
Social Media Marketing
Video Production II
Photography I
Candidates for the Fundamentals of Video Production Certificate must complete at least fifteeen (15) semester credit hours with a minimum 2.0 GPA
Total Hours15

In order to progress in the Fundamentals of Video Production Certificate a grade C+ or higher must be achieved in this course.    This Certificate is not available to Video Production Majors. Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 required to complete certificate.