Students in the Financial Management concentration study personal and corporate financial management issues. Topics include personal financial planning, financial statements, financial ratio analysis, capital budgeting, financial forecasting, and cash inventory and receivables management in the first part of the program followed by real options, sensitivity, scenario and break-even analysis, basic issues regarding stocks and bonds, risk/return and cost of capital, capital structure and limits to the use of debt.  Students take 7 required courses focusing on national and international perspectives of financial management, investments, risk management and personal financial planning.

In addition to the learning outcomes of the B.S. Business Administration degree, this concentration requires students to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of present value principles and capital budgeting decisions
  • Utilize information and skill to make financing and capital structure decisions relating to long-term investments
  • Apply international finance decision making and calculate hedge exchange rate risks.
Concentration in Financial Management
AC 122Principles of Accounting II Replaces Open Elective3
BA 344Personal Financial Planning Replaces Open Elective3
BA 364Corporate Options and Structure Replaces Business-Related Elective3
BA 434International Finance Replaces Open Elective3
BA 460Investments: Stocks and Mutual Funds Replaces Business-Related Elective3
BA 464Money, Banking and Financial Markets Replaces Business-Related Elective3
BA 466Investments: Bonds and Derivatives Replaces Business-Related Elective3
Total Hours21