AB 110. Human-Animal Bond: Animal Beh, Evolution & Therap Appli. 3 Hours.

In this course students study the evolution of human-animal relationships and the emotional and health benefits of the human-animal bond, animal behavior, and common methods of animal training. Students also explore human social and cultural factors relevant to Animal-Assisted Therapy to maximize safe interactions between clients and animals in professional settings. Students complete Part 1 of their Certificate Manual in AAI during this course.

AB 210. Emotional Support and Service Animals. 3 Hours.

The unique bond between people and animals is a powerful tool for healing. This course examines the different ways animals can be used to support human health and explores the role of pets and other animals in the treatment and rehabilitation of persons with a variety of physical and psychological disabilities. Students examine case studies such as correctional institutions and “cell dogs”, therapeutic riding, child development and pets, mental health canines, animal therapy with homeless populations, and animal therapy in substance abuse programs. Students are encouraged to engage with a program within their own community, or connect with one online. Prerequisite: AB 110 The Human-Animal Bond Students complete Part 2 of their Certificate Manual in AAI during this course.

AB 310. Animal-Assisted Thrpy:Understanding Techniques, Regs & Risks. 3 Hours.

Professional animal-assisted therapies demonstrate how the human-animal bond can create lasting social, emotional, cognitive, physical, spiritual and psychological changes. Animal-assisted therapeutic activities and learning are found in many settings. It is important that psychology practitioners understand how to safely, legally, and ethically integrate animals into their practice. Students study various techniques specific to animal-assisted therapy and understand best practices for working with animals during counseling sessions. Students also complete Part 3 of their Certificate Manual in AAI during this course. Prerequisite(s): AB 210.