(BR) Bridge


BR 113. What if They’re Right? Individual Resp to Climate Change. 3 Hours.

Climate change is the environmental issue that will define this century, and as such it is the essential question facing humankind. How we respond will be complex and interconnected. Science, engineering, politics, economics, education, social justice, human rights and food systems are just some of the interconnected pieces to our response. The problem is existential at its most fundamental level. This course studies responses to climate change at the individual level, through a philosophical and scientific lens, in order to empower the student to make a greater contribution at the community level and higher.

BR 114. The Business of Fitness and Wellness. 3 Hours.

This course is an examination of the principles and methods of program development, management, delivery, and assessment within the sport industry, specifically integrating fitness and wellness concepts into youth, community and campus recreation programs. Using the principles and theories for fitness and wellness program development and implementation within youth, community, public, private and campus recreation programs, students will understand how to design, develop, administer, and fitness and wellness programs and/or events.

BR 131. The Humanity of Healthcare. 3 Hours.

This course explores the fundamental perspectives and relationships of contemporary health care through literature, art, and other humanities. Course readings, discussions, and writing assignments offer opportunities for students to think about the ways the humanities can enrich and enhance clinical perspectives by increasing awareness of social and cultural contexts of modern medicine. This course is offered in a hybrid format, with one weekly in-person meeting (Tuesdays at 11am) followed by an online discussion.