(NL) Nursing Clinical


NL 208. Clinical: Health Assessment. 0 Hours.

This course covers nursing assessment of the healthy adult. The student learns to gather subjective and objective data about a client’s health status and to perform a systematic physical assessment. The clinical laboratory setting is utilized to practice the techniques of assessment and to identify normal findings. Prerequisite(s): (SC 221 and SL 221) and (SC 222 and SL 222).

NL 210. Fundamentals of Nursing-Laboratory. 0 Hours.

This is the companion laboratory course for NU210 which prepares the beginning nursing student with the knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs) to perform basic nursing assessment and clinical skills. Using the nursing process, the focus of the lab is on patient safety using Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies and demonstrating knowledge of best practice basic clinical skills for adults.

NL 211. Clinical:Nursing Intervention I. 0 Hours.

This course introduces concepts of patient care and basic nursing interventions used in caring for individuals throughout the lifespan. Learners employ a variety of resources to gain beginning competence in nursing theory, nursing process, basic nursing skills, therapeutic communication, and critical thinking. Students also develop an awareness of diverse cultural beliefs and values in relation to health care. An expectation of the course is that the student will develop personally and professionally.

NL 212. Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing-Clinical. 0 Hours.

In this course, students apply basic nursing assessment and clinical skills to the medical-surgical client. Focus is on patient safety and core principles of basic medical surgical nursing practice. Students engage in clinical and laboratory experiences that support classroom learning.

NL 214. Medication Administration and Dose Calculations. 1 Hour.

This course builds upon students' knowledge of the natural sciences and nursing process. The course is designed to provide the skills required for the safe administration of medications and calculation of drug doses. Students engage in therapeutic uses, interactions, and side effects of major drug classification as well as skills related to medication administration to clients across the lifespan. Prerequisite(s): NU 210 and NL 210 and SC 222 and SL 222.

NL 299. Topic/. 1-6 Hour.

Selected topics in nursing are considered. The course enhances students’ knowledge of professional nursing, building upon previous knowledge of the nursing and research processes. Emphasis is placed on increasing awareness of current professional issues in nursing.

NL 315. Clinical:Child Health. 0 Hours.

NL 322. Med Surg I Clinical. 0 Hours.

The design of the NL322 Med Surg I clinical course is to build practice skills in the nursing process in an acute care setting for clients who have needs in the areas of oxygenation, mobility, hematological/immunological, neurobiological or gastrointestinal needs. This is the complementary clinical course to NU322. Prerequisite(s): NU 212 and NL 212 and NU 214.

NL 323. Med Surg II Clinical. 0 Hours.

This course is designed to build practice skills in the nursing process in an acute care setting for clients who have needs in cardiovascular, genitourinary/gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal or endocrine. This is the complementary clinical course to NU323. Prerequisite(s): NU 212 and NL 212 and NU 214.

NL 324. Family Centered Care - Women and Infants - Clinical. 0 Hours.

The focus of this course is the childbearing family. Topics include pre-pregnancy, pregnancy (the fetus/newborn), and the post-delivery family. The course also covers physiologic, psychological, social, and cultural issues, as they relate to the childbearing family. Clinical experiences occur in a variety of settings, including impatient, educational and community settings. Prerequisite(s): NU 212 and NL 212.

NL 412. Population Focus - Community Health - Clinical. 0 Hours.

This course builds upon the student’s broad base of knowledge in the natural and social sciences, humanities, and previous nursing content. Attention is directed toward assessment of biopsychosocial stressors of the individual, family, group, and community, and their adaptation to changes in the environment. This is the clinical component of NU412 and is to be taken concurrently with it. Prerequisite(s): NU 322 and NU 323 and NU 315 and NU 324 and NL 322 and NL 323 and NL 315 and NL 324.

NL 422. Population Focus - Mental Health Clinical. 0 Hours.

This course focuses on behaviors, which occur when individuals, families, and groups in the community are unable to cope effectively with acute and chronic bio-psycho social and cultural stressors. Relevant theories and theoretical formulations are used in order to promote an understanding of individual, family, group, and community dynamics. Within the framework of the nursing process, self-knowledge and intervention skills are developed which allow the student to assist individuals, families, and groups in their adaptation to internal and external stressors. Prerequisite(s): NU 322 and NU 323 and NU 315 and NU 324 and NL 322 and NL 323 and NL 315 and NL 324.

NL 427. Senior Practicum. 4 Hours.

Senior Practicum is a preceptorship experience for senior nursing students at an assigned healthcare setting. The preceptorship experience is based on the model from the National Council State Board of Nursing Transitions to Practice so as to help students prepare for the transition to professional practice. Clinical practice provides the opportunity to synthesize knowledge and demonstrate diagnostic reasoning, critical decision-making and delegation. Engaged ethical and clinical reasoning occurs with student’s involvement in the management of adult, family, and groups in complex clinical healthcare situations with expert nurse partners and faculty. Prerequisite(s): NU 315 and NU 323 and NU 324 and College Level=Senior.

NL 499. Clinical*. 0 Hours.

NL 722. Clinical:Adv Mental Hlth. 0 Hours.

NL 810. Clinical:Psychiatric Nursing I. 0 Hours.

NL 812. Clinical:Psych Nursing II. 0 Hours.

NL 814. Clinical:Psych Nursing III. 0 Hours.

NL 815. Women's Health NP - Final Practicum (352 Hours). 6 Hours.

Students will apply advanced knowledge of normal physiology, pathophysiology and psychosocial concepts to the care of women in an experiential setting, functioning in the women’s health nurse practitioner role. The focus is on the synthesis of theory, knowledge and skills from previous courses. Prerequisite(s): NU 808 and NU 809 and NU 811 and NU 813.

NL 816. Clinical: Psychiatric NP Internship/Practicum. 0 Hours.

NL 818. Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Practicum. 1-3 Hour.

This is an intensive clinical internship that prepares students to practice in the role of a family psychiatric nurse practitioner. It will broaden the depth of content and practice that students have already assimilated in the areas of child and adolescent psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. Building on biopsychosocial theories, the student will deliver holistic primary mental health care to clients. Students will conduct comprehensive assessments, including diagnosis of and referral for physical health problems. Clinical experiences will be on therapeutic treatment modalities and interventions with children and adolescents, including therapy and psychopharmacology. Therapy content will cover a range of therapeutic interventions from analytical to behavioral, family, individual and group and long term to brief therapy. Psychopharmacological content will include ordering and interpreting laboratory and diagnostic studies, in-depth knowledge of psychotropic medications, acceptable prescribing practices, monitoring for side effects and efficacy, risk verses benefit and an understanding of normal growth and development and what constitutes psychopathology. Students will present case studies with decision-making trees during seminars to explore relevant clinical and nonclinical issues.

NL 830. Clinical: Teach Learn Theories and Strategies in Nurse Ed. 0 Hours.

Clinical. Prerequisite(s): NU 700 and NU 704 and NU 706.

NL 832. Clinical: Curriculum Development in Nursing Education. 0 Hours.

Clinical. Prerequisite(s): NU 700 and NU 704 and NU 706 and NU 830.

NL 834. Clinical: Assessment and Evaluation in Nursing Education. 0 Hours.

Clinical. Prerequisite(s): NU 700 and NU 704 and NU 706 and NU 830 and NU 832.

NL 836. Clinical: Informatics and Technology in Nursing Education. 0 Hours.

Clinical. Prerequisite(s): NU 700 and NU 704 and NU 706 and NU 830 and NU 832 and NU 834.

NL 838. Internship/Clinical Practicum in Nursing Education. 0 Hours.

Clinical. Prerequisite(s): NU 700 and NU 704 and NU 706 and NU 830 and NU 832 and NU 834 and NU 836.