While the Master of Business Administration Program has been designed primarily for the education of management generalists, students can choose a concentration in business analytics.  Students in the MBA - Business Analytics program use tools from computer science, mathematics, statistics, and communication to collect, organize, and analyze material that explains problems.  They then interpret and communicate what they have learned in order to make informed decisions and improve organizational performance.  Business analytics applies to a wide range of fields including: business and finance, energy, the environment, healthcare, logistics, and security, among others.

BA 500MBA Fundamentals (*)1
All of the following courses must be completed within your first 18 hours: (9 credits)
BA 601Managerial Economics3
BA 602Managerial Accounting3
IT 601Business Analytics Essentials for the Professional3
The following courses must be completed during the program: (9 credits)
BA 605Management Communications3
BA 625Global Strategic Management3
BA 643Strategic Change Management3
One of the following must be completed during the program: 3
Financial Management
Financial Management in Healthcare Organizations
One of the following must be completed during the program: 3
Marketing Management
Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
Advanced Sales and Marketing in Hospitality
Strategic Selling
Four of the following must be completed: (12 credits)12
Computer Programming for the Professional
Data Exploration and Visualization in Business Applications
Data Mining for Business Analytics
Database Design for the Professional
Total Hours37