Students in the Management concentration study organization systems and methods of management for staff, supervisors and administrators. These management theories apply to corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. Students take courses that cover strategic decision-making, policy, organizational theory and behavior, marketing, human resource management, sales, and operations.

In addition to the learning outcomes of the B.S. Business Administration degree, this concentration requires students to integrate and apply administrative and organizational principles and theory to human resource management, decision-making, operations management, and other systems. Students must also achieve the learning outcomes of the MBA degree.

Concentration in Management
AC 122Principles of Accounting II Replaces Open Elective3
BA 271Risk Management Replaces Open Elective3
BA 375Supply Chain Management Replaces Business-Related Elective3
BA 440Small Business Management I Replaces Open Elective3
BA 425Marketing Management Replaces Business-Realted Elective3
BA 442Applied Small Business Management Replaces Business-Related Elective3
MK 422Sales and Sales Management Replaces Open Elective3
Graduate Business Courses
BA 600Research Methods in Business and Education3
BA 605Management Communications3
BA 625Global Strategic Management3
BA 642Leadership in Business and Professions3
BA 643Strategic Change Management3
Choose one of the following:3
Marketing Management
Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
Advanced Sales and Marketing in Hospitality
Strategic Selling
BA Graduate Business Elective12
Total Hours51