Hospitality and Tourism Management students are required to complete 121 credit hours of course work maintaining a 2.0 overall cumulative grade point average and a 2.0 overall grade point average in their major courses. In the program, students take a very strong core of hospitality and tourism courses and develop a strategically balanced business acumen within a varied general education background.

The program learning outcomes of the B.S. Hospitality & Tourism Management are: 

  1. Students will integrate the core areas of business to inform decision making.
  2. Students will apply legal and ethical principles in business to organizational decision making.
  3. Students will apply business-related quantitative and qualitative methods and tools to formulate management decision alternatives.
  4. Students will demonstrate leadership skills.
  5. Students will demonstrate professional business communication.
  6. Students will demonstrate the ability to work with diverse colleagues in team situations.
  7. Students will demonstrate general and functional knowledge of Hospitality and Tourism Management principles (including those related to the Food and Beverage Industry; the Lodging Industry; Travel and Tourism; and Sustainability).
General Education Courses
BA 211Microeconomics3
BA 212Macroeconomics3
BA 302Business Ethics3
EH 105College Writing3
EH 200Approaches to Literature3
HA 200Tourism and Travel3
HA 301Supervision in Hospitality Management3
HE 111The Husson Experience ***1
MS 132Probability and Statistics3
SC 101Introduction to Nutrition3
Fine Arts Elective3
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective or Open Elective3
Historical Elective 3
Humanities Elective 3
Math I Elective4
Philosophical Elective 3
Psychological/Sociological Elective3
General Business Courses
AC 121Principles of Accounting I3
AC 122Principles of Accounting II3
AC 211Managerial Accounting 3
BA 201Business Law I3
BA 202Business Law II3
BA 310Organization and Management3
BA 362Financial Management 3
BA 490International Business3
IT 111Introduction to Microsoft Office 3
or IT 214 Spreadsheet Concepts and Applications
MK 220Marketing Fundamentals3
MK 422Sales and Sales Management 3
Major in Hospitality Management Courses
HA 101Intro to Hospitality Mgmnt3
HA 201Food & Beverage Control Systems3
HA 202Facilities & Guest Services3
HA 302Hotel Operations3
HA 303Event Planning and Management3
HA 311Destination Management and Marketing3
HA 401Hospitality Internship (Has been reduced from 6 credit hours to 3 credit hours)3
HA 402Leadership in Hospitality Management3
Business Related Electives15
Total Hours122

Suggested Course Sequence

First Year
EH 1053HA 2003
HA 1013IT 111 or 2143
HE 111***1MS 1323
Humanities Elective 3Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective or Open Elective3
Math I Elective4Historical Elective 3
Philosophical Elective 3 
 17 15
Second Year
AC 1213AC 1223
BA 2013BA 2023
BA 2113BA 2123
EH 2003HA 2023
HA 2013MK 2203
 15 15
Third Year
AC 2113BA 3023
BA 3103HA 3023
HA 3013HA 3033
HA 3113SC 1013
Psychological/Sociological Elective3Fine Arts Elective3
 15 15
Fourth Year
BA 3623BA 4903
HA 4013HA 4023
MK 4223Business Related Elective3
Business Related Elective3Business Related Elective3
Business Related Elective3Business Related Elective3
 15 15
Total Hours: 122

Credit may not be required for degree completion